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  • How do I apply for a library card?

    Library cards are issued, with identification, to residents of the Library District without a fee. Parents will need to complete the registration process for themselves and their minor children. The individual applying for the card must be present in the Library at time of application. Other agencies consider a Library Card a valid proof of residency. It is your credit card with the library and we charge valuable materials out to you based on the Library Card. For this reason we must verify residency and validate residency periodically.

  • What do I need to receive a card?

    Library staff will ask to verify

    • your name with photo ID

    and verify your in District Residency with one of the following

    • voters registration card
    • tax bill
    • lease
    • utility bill
    • insurance card, or
    • check book

    The name on the residency document must match the name on the photo ID.

  • Where do I apply for the Library Card?

    Library Cards may be obtained at the Registration Desk during regular library hours. Library Staff may also take Library Card applications during Community or School Events. A parent or guardian must be present and sign a registration for a minor under age 17.

  • Reciprocal Borrowing

    Your Sugar Grove Library card is valid for use at other Illinois libraries under terms of use outlined by Illinois Statute.

    Any person holding a valid borrowers card from a library participating in the Illinois reciprocal borrowing program (RBP) may be granted reciprocal borrowing privileges at another participating library.

    Often, the library visited will require completion of an application form and your valid library card. A reciprocal borrower may borrow only those items within parameters set by the library visited.

    This RBP arrangements requires that you travel to the location away from the Sugar Grove Library for library services.

    Should you require a material that the Sugar Grove Public Library does own, the staff may be able to acquire the item from another library via interlibrary loan.

  • When do I need my Library Card?

    A library card should be presented at time of material check out.

    You will use your library barcode number to log on to our public computers.

    Your barcode and a PIN are needed to log on to our Online Patron Catalog.

  • Loan Periods

    Sugar Grove Public Library materials check out to patrons with a loan period according to their material type:

    • 7 days, no renewal
      • DVD Video
      • Blu-ray Video
      • Video Games
      • Current Weekly or Monthly Magazine
    • 3 weeks*
      • Print
      • Music CD
      • Magazine, other than the current issue

    Material designated "New," DVD and Blu-ray Videos, and any item with a Reserve List cannot be renewed.

    Materials received from other libraries will have a loan period based on the date due issued by that library.

  • Renewals

    Materials that are eligible for renewal may be renewed up to two times. Renewals may be made any of the following ways:

    • In person at the Library
    • By Telephone at 630-466-4686
    • By cell phone in response to a Shoutbomb courtesy text message
    • Online, via the Online Patron Catalog

    Materials designated "New", DVD and Blu-ray videos, Video Games, and any item with a reserve list may not be renewed.

  • Vacation or extended loans

    Extended or "vacation" loan periods may be available for some material.  If you wish to check an item out for an extended loan period, please ask at the Check Out desk.

    Please note, DVD and Blu-ray Videos, "New" materials, Video Games, and items with reserve lists are not available for extended loan.

  • Hold Pick-Up

    The Library notifies patrons when items requested to be placed on hold or via Interlibrary Loan are available for pick-up.

    The Library's Drive-up Window is open on Monday morning from 7 to 10 a.m. for holds pick-up.

    Available items not picked up at the drive up window will be placed on the Hold Pick up Shelf near the Registration desk. Items are labeled with the first four letters of the patron's last name and and the last four digits of his or her library card barcode. Materials are shelved title identifier down and backwards in groupings on shelves identified by a range of letters. Your privacy and the privacy of others is protected by the shelving arrangement – please, be respectful and do not “shop the shelves.”

  • Self Check Out

    The Library has two self check out stations for Express Self Service. A library card must be registered in the system before it can be used at the self-checkout. If you have a valid library card, you may scan the barcode on the back of the card and follow the on screen instructions. Some items may not check out at shelf check out station and will require staff assistance. Circulation staff are available to help in this case.

  • Material Return

    Our facility provides several choices for material return. Thank you for the assistance in sorting materials : AV, Youth, and Adult.

    • Drive-up return behind the building. Follow the parking lot signs. Always available.
    • Two drops for return @ the entrance. Available when the library is closed.
    • Two drops for return @ Circulation. Available during library hours.
  • Fines and Fees

    Sugar Grove Library Circulation Fines and Fees assist in ensuring the timely return of materials.

    Overdue fines are $0.20 on each item, for each day after the item's date due. The Library offers "Shoutbomb," which is a courtesy service that sends a text message notifying a patron of items coming due. When items become overdue, a notice is sent by email or postal service. A postage fee of $0.50 is added to the patron account for each notice sent by postal service. There is no charge for e-mail notices. Library card use is denied when outstanding fees reach $10.00 or more. The responsible parent's card is blocked when a minor's card is blocked.

    $1.00 is assessed for damage / minor repairs.

    If the repair is not possible then the patron is billed the Replacement Value of the item.

    LIBRARY CARD Lost Card $1.00 replacement fee.

    Fees may be paid in person at the Circulation Desk or online with a Debit or Credit Card via the Online Patron Catalog.

  • Can I pay my fines online? (ePay)

    Pay off library fines and fees using your MasterCard, American Express, VISA, or Discover Card from the convenience of home with ePay. The Sugar Grove Library has an arrangement with the Illinois Treasurer's Office to provide an easy, secure, convenient way to make on-line payments for library fines and fees. There are some restrictions to this service: we are not able to process your credit card payment over the phone or at the front desk.  You can use our Technology Center to access the internet and make your online payment.

    1. Use your library barcode and PIN to access your MAGIC catalog account to determine what you owe in fines or fees. You will need to check separately on each card issued to a family member.
    2. Click through to "My Account"
    3. Follow on screen instructions as you select items for payment.
    4. You will receive a confirmation number once your transaction is completed. Print this form for your records. Library staff will receive email notification of your payment.
    5. The MAGIC catalog will be updated by your successful ePay payment.
    6. Library staff do not have access to your credit card information.
    7. Credit card companies do not have access to your library record.

    To learn more about the ePay program of the Illinois State Treasurer's Office visit their website.

Copy Center

  • How much does a copy cost?

    The library has two copiers that photocopy on letter or legal size paper. Black & White copies are $0.10, color Copies are $0.50

  • How do I pay for copies?

    Each copier has a coin operation box attached. Use coin or bills $1, $5 to pay for your copies. All change due is provided in coin.

  • Can I fax?

    The copy machine with the “FAX IT HERE” sign allows patrons to send their own fax messages.

  • Where do I print?

    The Public Computers at the Library as well as WiFi printing send their print jobs to the copy machines at our Copy Center. Use Computer Screen to select your Print Job, select “Print”, insert your money, select “print.” Copier will print the pages.

Email Notices

  • What notices do I receive from the library?

    Items available, Items nearly due, and the first overdue notices are sent via email.

  • I signed up for email notice, but do not receive any?

    Notices from the Library may not be delivered, or may be flagged as SPAM,  depending on your email provider and personal email settings.  Please check your junk mail and “white list” the following address:

Meeting Rooms

  • Meeting Room Booking Details

    Meeting Room Policy:


    The Sugar Grove Public Library District provides meeting rooms for community groups, individuals, not-for-profit organizations, and local businesses when such use will not interfere with the primary functions of the Library. As a limited public forum, Library meeting room use will not be denied to any person or organization because of race, creed or color. Use of the meeting room does not constitute library endorsement of the viewpoints expressed by the participants in the programs.

    First priority for use of the meeting rooms is given to Library-sponsored meetings or programs.

    Meetings shall not interfere with the public’s use of the Library in any way. Examples of such interference include, but are not limited to, excessive size, noise, activity outside the meeting room, or any other disturbance.

    The Library reserves the right to modify this policy and to cancel any reservation due to unforeseen circumstances. The Library may also cancel a group’s reservation(s) if the meeting room policy is violated.

    The Library Director is authorized to establish reasonable regulations governing use of the meeting rooms and related fees.


    Rev. 10/2011


    Sugar Grove Public Library District

    Meeting Room Procedures


    The Rooms

    The Sugar Grove Public Library District building has meeting rooms available for public use during normal library hours. All room capacities are according to the Sugar Grove Fire Department Code.


    All meeting room bookings should be made through the Library's web site. Rooms may be reserved up to three months, but not less than 48 hours, in advance.


    Main Meeting Rooms

    Combined:  Room C capacity:  256 persons

                                             200 persons, seated auditorium style

                                             80 persons seated banquet style

    When divided:  Room A capacity:  110 persons, seated auditorium style

                         Room B capacity: 80 persons, seated auditorium style


    Meeting Room A and Meeting Room B each provide a podium with a microphone and audio visual capable desktop computer with connectivity to the Crestron system, plus controls for lighting, 58 x 104" screen, window shades, Blu-Ray DVD, and a ceiling mounted projector via touch panel. Also provides Mediacom Cable and wired and wireless connections for Internet access. Combined Meeting Room C offers a 65" x 116" screen and 5.1-surround sound. Banquet style set up will accommodate 8-10 round tables with 8-10 seats at each table.


    Board Room: Capacity 10-15 adults. Provides HDTV for presentations, Crestron Controls for lighting, shades, and Blu-Ray DVD player, Mediacom Cable, and wired and wireless connections for Internet access. This room is not available for groups with children, except for one-on-one or small-group (four or fewer students) tutoring sessions.


    *Back Porch: Capacity as furnished 7-12. Not available for groups with children. This room has a casual feel with soft seating and low tables. Set up fee applies to change furniture. Wireless Internet access available and outlets.


    *Story Time Room: Capacity 15-20 as furnished with children sized tables and chairs. Available for Adult supervised children’s groups only. This room has PS3, Blu-Ray and DVD functionality with a projector and screen. Can accommodate 40 auditorium style, set up fee applies to change furniture


    *Teen Zone: Capacity as furnished 16-20. Available for Adult supervised Teen groups only.  Tables, chairs, lounge chairs and low tables. This room has PS3, Blu-Ray, DVD, and HDTV functionality.  Can accommodate 40 auditorium style, set up fee applies to change furniture.


    Group Study Rooms: – Two rooms with capacity of four or fewer. Available on a first-come/first-served walk-in basis, these rooms cannot be reserved. Each study room contains a table and chairs, outlets, and wireless Internet access.


    *Quiet Reading Room: – This room is designated for silent study and reading, except for library endorsed book groups. This is an electronics free area. Set up fee applies to change furniture.


    Java Plus Book Nook: The cafe is shared space and may also be available. Fees may apply.


    The building has wireless print services.




    The meeting rooms are available as follows:

    Tuesday through Thursday: 10:00 a.m. - 7:45 p.m.

    Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

    Sunday: 2:00 p.m. – 5:45 p.m.



    It is the responsibility of the person reserving the room to specify the room configuration. Library staff time is required to set up rooms in advance of a meeting. Library staff will set up and take down the room. Each group is responsible for returning the room to a clean and orderly state. Users will be charged if additional clean-up is needed. This fee will be the cost of the clean-up or $30 whichever is more.



    There is no fee for not-for-profit groups to use the meeting rooms. Other fees may apply.


    *For all groups there will be a $25 set up fee to move furniture other that how the room is furnished. This applies to The Back Porch, Story Time Room, Quiet Reading Room, and The Java Plus Book Nook Café.


    Business and private parties will be charged $30 per hour for using either meeting room A or B. The fee for the combined large meeting room will be $60 per hour. There will be no charge for businesses or private parties using the Board Room.


    There will be a $30 fee for any group, including non-profits, that does not leave the Library at their scheduled end time. This allows library staff to re-set the rooms. The Library cannot pay library staff to stay beyond scheduled library hours.


    There are no refunds for cancellations within 48 hours of the meeting date.


    Audio Visual Equipment

    Use of the screen and wireless internet access are available at no charge. Audiovisual equipment need and specifications must be made at the time the room is reserved.



    The fee for kitchen use is $25. Light refreshments may be available from the café. Arrangements should be made with the café personnel ahead of time. If the kitchen is not required, then no additional fee applies if an organization serves light refreshments for an event. Alcohol is not allowed in our meeting rooms except with a special permit from the Village. The library does not apply for nor pay for permits for outside groups.




  • Public Computers

    Public access computers are available for use during library hours with a library card or other form of identification. A responsible person must provide permission for persons under age 18 to use the public computers.

    The Library's PC Reservation system manages all computer time.

    A Sugar Grove Public Library card or guest pass is required to sign on any available computer.

    TeenZone and Youth Services computers are user age restricted.

    Users are allowed 120 minute sessions.

    Additional time is offered if the PC is available.

    All computers have a timer indicating time remaining in the session. A short session may be offered if the computer has a booking within 30 minutes or the library is closing within 2 hours. Computers shut down 15 minutes before closing.

    None of the Library's equipment saves any material. Each user is responsible to save his or her work to a personal device or remote online storage unit. 

     Please see The Janice Katherine Rich Technology Learning Center Lab Staff for assistance.  


    Janice Catherine Rich Technology Learning Center hours:

    Monday - Thursday 10 am to 7:45 pm

    Friday - Closed

    Saturday 10 am to 3:45 pm

    Sunday 2 pm to 5:45 pm