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Kids’ Library Guidelines

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Early Literature Programs

Early Literature programs are designed and presented by Kids’ Library Staff to help boost children’s reading and language skills while familiarizing them with children’s literature.


Sugar Grove Public Library cardholders may register for Early Literature Programs. Registration is available through our website,, or in person.

Registration is required for all Early Literature programs. Each class has an enrollment limit with waiting lists.

Children must be the appropriate age by the first meeting of the program in which they are registered.

Kids Programs

Reading programs help boost reading and language skills while providing a comfortable environment.


Register in person or through our website,

Drop-in Events

All are welcome to events that do not require registration.

Parental Responsibility

Programs for children up to 3 years old are designed for parent-child participation. Most other programs for children 3 and over are for independent participation.

Parents or caregivers must remain in the library during the child’s independent program. Parents are responsible for their children from the time they enter the building to the time they exit.

To ensure that everyone enjoys the program, please silence your cell phone before entering any program.

Child Safety

The Library is a public building. Do not assume children will be safe on their own in the library.

Children 6 years old and under must be accompanied by a parent or responsible caregiver, age 13 or older. The person responsible must remain in the library building while the child attends a program.

For children over 6, if parents have not arrived within 5 minutes of the program conclusion, the child will be escorted to the Kids’ Library.

All children must be picked up by the library’s closing time – 8 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and 1 p.m. Friday and Saturday. The Sugar Grove Police Department will be contacted for children left at the library after closing.

Instruct your children to ask at the Kids’ Library desk or other service desk if they get separated from their caregiver.

Library Conduct

Please be respectful of others while visiting the library. Parents, please review the following library rules with your children.

· Use quiet indoor voices in respect of others.

· Walk, don’t run, hop, skip, or jump.

· Sit, do not climb or jump on or off furniture.

· Pick up your area before you leave.

· Covered drinks are allowed, except near computers. All other food must stay in the café.

· Silence cell phones before entering the building.

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