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Meeting Room Policy and Booking Procedure

• To Book a Room, first review the following items, then click HERE.

We will need to know:

  • WHICH ROOM you wish to use.
  • How you would like the room to be SET UP - tables? chairs?
  • What kind of AV equipment will you need - PA? DVD, BD or CD? PowerPoint presentation? Internet browse? YouTube?
  • How you will PAY the FEE - cash, check or credit card.
  • Whether or not you will be serving FOOD.

Starting July 1, a new Meeting Room Policy takes effect. The fee structure for the meeting rooms will see major changes. We will charge for all meeting room use. Reservations made by Sugar Grove Public Library District cardholders carry a lower fee than those made by out of district users, and we will offer a 20% discount to organizations with a valid 501c3 number and local government agencies. As with the current policy, meeting rooms are only available during regular operating hours, so we are unable to accommodate any requests for before or after hours events.

We are doing our best to offer outstanding library services, make the facility available to the public as much as possible, and keep costs down. We have been very successful in meeting these objectives over the past two years. We have cut costs and gathered lots of statistics that tell us when and how the library is used. The meeting rooms serve relatively few people, but when in use demand a great deal of our limited resources - staffing, supplies, utilities, and contracted services.

Click on the PDF link to read the current policy.

Study Room Reservation

Reserving a Study Room is now done entirely online. Simply click on our link for Book a Room on our Home Page, choose a Study Room at the bottom of the left hand side of the screen, and complete the registration form.

Our new policy for study room use is as follows:

  • Reservations are made only online through our reservation system
  • A study room can be reserved in increments of two (2) hours
  • Reservations can be made up to seven (7) days in advance
  • Rooms may be reserved for a maximum of 12 hours per week (combined total for both rooms)
  • Sugar Grove cardholders have priority so be sure to enter your library card number
  • Walk-ins are allowed if a room is vacant but online reservations will bump walk-in use
  • There is no fee to use a Study Room
  • All reservations are pending until confirmed
Download this file (Meeting Room Policy-2014.pdf)Meeting Room Policy-2014.pdf[ ]Wayne200 Kb

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