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How to Print at the Library

Print From a Public Computer

To print from a public computer, use the standard method for the program you're using. For Microsoft Office 2013 programs, such as Word, the print function is found in the File menu (near upper left). For Internet Explorer, there is typically a printer icon near the upper right (this icon has a drop-down menu that allows a print preview to be viewed if desired). When viewing email or other interactive content in an Internet Explorer window, a separate print button may exist. Both Black & White and Color printing is supported ($0.10 per B&W page; $0.50 per Color page). The printer types are identified as "BW Printer" and "Color Printer" and, in each case, the printer also refers to "sgpldc13" or "SGPLDC13" in its name. A window will open with the total cost of the print job, the computer name which is used when retrieving the printed material and the ability to continue or cancel the print job.

A Print Retrieval Guide, which gives step-by-step instructions to be used at the Print Release Station computers (located next to the two multi-purpose printers), is attached below.

Free WiFi at the Library

Bring your laptop or other wireless device and connect to the "Library" WiFi network. If your default browser doesn't open, go ahead and open it, then read the Agreement and click the "Accept" button.

Print From a Wireless Device

The WebPrint service allows wireless devices in the library to print using the same printers as those used for public computer printing. This service can also be used outside of the library from an internet-connected computer, such as a home computer. The printed material is retrieved using the same basic procedure as for public computer printing (the print job is identified by a user-supplied name rather than a public computer name). Click HERE to use the WebPrint service now. Attached below are two documents which cover available mobile device apps and the file formats supported by the WebPrint service.


Download this file (Print Retrieval Guide.pdf)Print Retrieval Guide.pdf[ ]Wayne84 Kb
Download this file (PrinterOnMobileAppUserGuide.pdf)PrinterOnMobileAppUserGuide.pdf[ ]Wayne627 Kb
Download this file (PrinterOnSupportedFileFormats.pdf)PrinterOnSupportedFileFormats.pdf[ ]Wayne110 Kb

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