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Our Catalog is Better than Ever!

Have you ever read a book you really liked...

  • ...only to discover it was part of a series, but NOT the first book in the series
  • ...or you wanted to find a book with similar subject matter
  • ...or you wanted to find a book by an author with a similar style

Now you can...

  • Get a list of books in a series, in order of publication, so you can enjoy the series from the beginning (also great to find the next book in a series you're reading)
  • Get recommendations for books with similar subject matter and by an author with a similar style

Now, it's in the catalog! Find the book by searching the catalog (click "Catalog" on the top menu, search, then click the book title). Scroll down to see what additional information is available. Not all books will have everything mentioned above, but why not give it a try!