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Library Board Trustees
About the Board

The Board of Trustees is composed of seven elected members serving in the valuable role of stewardship and governance to the Sugar Grove Public Library District.   Key functions of the Board include advocacy, governance, stewardship to the facility, fiscal responsibility, financial security and oversight.  Board members serve with no compensation and regularly donate time and attention to serve the needs of patrons.

The Board hires and works in conjunction with the Library Director to serve the needs of Sugar Grove residents.   "Our mission is to be a unique resource to offer open access to information that fosters a passion for reading, learning, and the exchange of ideas. As the heart of our community, we support democracy, citizenship, and the cultural growth of the Sugar Grove Public Library District."

The Board of Trustees may be contacted by emailing or writing:

Sugar Grove Library Board

125 S. Municipal Drive

Sugar Grove, Illinois 60554

The Board graciously welcomes visitors to public meetings held every fourth Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the general Board room.    Agendas and minutes are posted to the website, government information bulletin board in the Library  or are available in a informational binder that may be freely accessed by the public in the Library.

Public comments may be considered for inclusion to packets by giving written items to the Board Secretary.  Public comment is accepted at every meeting, and will be accepted during this agenda item.

Members of the Board


Current  Library Board of Trustees

Bill Durrenberger: President (2019)

Pat Graceffa : Vice-President (2019)

Melissa Flint: Secretary (2017)

Louise Coffman: Treasurer (2019)

Anthony Oliver (2017)

Robert Bergman (2019)

Kim Ekker (*appointment 2017)


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