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April 24, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes Print
Library Board

Sugar Grove Public Library District

Library Board of Trustees

April 24, 2014

Board Meeting Minutes

Call to Order and Roll Call

President Pro Tem Bill Durrenberger called the meeting to order at 6:05pm.

Present: Louise Coffman, Treasurer; Bill Durrenberger, Secretary; Robert Bergman, Trustee; Pat Graceffa, Trustee; and Carol Dolin, Director.

Absent: Dan Herkes, Anthony Oliver, and Art Morrical

Public Comment


Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Minutes of March 20, 2014 Board Meeting.

Motion: To approve the minutes of March 20, 2014 Board Meeting. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Graceffa. Roll call vote: Coffman – yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Graceffa – yes. Motion passed.


Dolin reviewed correspondence included in the meeting packet regarding the distribution of Kane County Property Taxes, a new short-term financing program for taxing districts in Kane County, and a letter from the Waubonsee Lifelong Learning Institute with a donation for the use of the meeting room for their classes. She also reviewed an email message from Shari Baum regarding a request by the Chamber of Commerce to use a meeting room on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7:30-8:30 a.m.

Review of Financial Reports

Coffman reviewed the March 2014 financial reports included in the Board Packet. Boiler #1 sprang a leak, which cost just over $900 to repair. The Library Budget is 76.8% spent at 75% through the fiscal year. We received approximately 93.5% of anticipated revenues for the year. Expenditures for materials decreased in March, reflecting the cancellation of materials orders. The Back to Books orders have been sent, but none have arrived yet. Online resources for children and teens are overspent, but the overall Online Resource budget is on target. We cancelled online services that are not seeing much use. We continue to purchase eBooks, especially titles with holds or on suggested reading lists, as more people are asking to use these items. The salaries line continues to run about 2% under budget. Utilities expenditures are over budget as anticipated due to heating bills for unusually cold temperatures in January and February. These costs have come down over the past two years, but we continue to search for additional ways to reduce them further.

Approval of March 2014 Check Register

Motion: To approve the March 2014 Check Register of electronic payments and check numbers 23295-23303 and 23312-23324 for $13,226.72. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Coffman. Roll call vote: Coffman – yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Graceffa – yes, Motion passed.

Library Report

Dolin reviewed the reports included in the Board Packet, including statistics. March was a very busy month, even as the public overwhelmingly rejected our request for additional funding to operate the library. Circulation and visits continue to increase over that of the same period last year. Overall circulation was up by 33% over the same period last year and nearly doubled over two years ago with 13,295 checkouts. Children’s materials account for 50% of all circulation and with teens account for nearly 6% of all use. Print materials still circulate much more than A/V materials and physical checkouts are far ahead of online materials use. Just over 55% of the District now hold library cards. Wayne did many updates to the computers and servers in March and early April. Scott is busy supervising Circulation so is helping Wayne less than before. Ryan has stepped up to assist Wayne with various repairs throughout the building. The electronic sign is not working. Wayne and Ryan are investigating repairs, but we may need to call someone out. The last time extensive repairs were needed to the sign, it costs in excess of $14,000. Posted positions have been filled for Circulation clerks to replace those who resigned. Amanda Tate, Nicole Babcock, Nancy Wollwert, and Katherine Schwingel joined the staff in March and April. We hope to utilize the unique skills each of these people bring to their positions. Summer reading program will begin soon – programs that do not carry additional costs were scheduled before the end of the fiscal year. We will charge more for the field trips this year than last year.

Board Representative Reports

Coffman reported on partnerships for new planting plans for the grounds. A Daisy troop will plant donated flowers near the front of the Library. The Village will donate and plant a sugar maple tree in the southwest quadrant of the property in honor of Arbor Day. All trustees are invited to attend. The story time sessions will plant seeds throughout the spring programs, and we hope to transfer the seedlings to in the raised planters as they mature. Staff hopes to schedule scout troops to volunteer time over the summer to waive fees for the rooms, should the Board decide to adopt the proposed meeting room policy.

Friends Report



Referendum results – plans for the future. Dolin prepared an operating budget for FY 2014-2015 taking feedback from the March Board meeting into consideration. This addresses the Library’s immediate needs. Dolin proposed reaching out to the leadership of other organizations and agencies of the larger communities served by the library to glean more understanding of where the library fits in their picture. This would be the first step in an effort to garner wider support for increased operating funding. The trustees agreed that this might be a logical next step. Dolin will reach out to the Chief Administrative Officers group she meets with to see if they have ideas or can suggest people who might be interested in participating in a strategic visioning exercise. Trustees considered whether or not to try again to pass an operating referendum. Considering the percentage of no votes, trustees determined it would be a waste of time and energy to try again anytime soon. We need to consider ways to cut costs and raise revenues other than property taxes.


2014-2015 Operating Budget

Dolin presented a draft budget for fiscal year 2014-2015 with cuts to some of the materials budget lines and staffing. We expect revenues to decrease in the coming year, due to less revenue in grants and special property tax budget lines. Cuts to payroll reflect the current staffing level, but eliminate some planned positions to assist with public services. The proposed budget also reduces the amount spent on adult books, magazines and newspapers, and online resources. The Board tabled this discussion until the May meeting when more trustees might be present to consider and vote on it. There really are only two areas we can cut, staff/operating hours and materials. We do not want to cut those areas, but to maintain those lines, we have to hope our maintenance costs do not increase.

Meeting Room Policy

Dolin presented a meeting room policy with a new fee structure. The proposed policy charges fees for all groups who use the rooms. In district fees would be lower than out of district and not-for-profit groups would receive a discount. Additional fees apply for special set-ups, technology, and additional cleaning. Groups must pay prior to getting access to the rooms. All meeting room fees will be able to be paid online with a credit or debit card or in person with cash or check. Our aim is to make this easy and straight forward to administer and to program the system to automate it to the greatest degree possible. We do not have staff dedicated to running the meeting rooms, so the tasks have to fit in with all of their other duties for library services.

The meeting rooms are often unoccupied, but when occupied, they demand many of the Library’s scarce resources including staff time, utilities, supplies, and technology. Managing the bookings, preparing room set-ups, and ensuring that audiovisual equipment functions properly requires that staff with the ability to manage these issues be available to address issues as they arise. Maintaining comfortable temperatures in the various rooms requires additional utilities. Large crowds of people generate more trash, use more janitorial supplies, water and sewer, require additional cleaning, and tend to cause long queues of people who need help all at once. We have no wish to discourage groups from using the library, but we need to pay for staff to maintain the reservations system and prepare spaces for the meetings in addition to the supplies, utilities, and contracted services. The fees are not intended to raise money but to cover costs. Staff proposes adopting the policy with an effective date of July 1, 2014 to allow time for groups to find alternative spaces if they do not wish to pay the fees. We will notify all past and current room users as soon as the policy is adopted. We also hope to arrange for scout groups to help with planting, weeding, outdoor trash pick-up, watering, dusting, and similar activities in return for waiving room fees in the fall. Durrenberger suggested tabling this issue to the May meeting when more trustees might be present to consider and vote on it, but the other three trustees present did not wish to do so. Graceffa has spoken with many residents before and since the referendum failed, both library users and non-users. She reported that most people she spoke to said charging for the use of meeting rooms makes sense.

Motion: To adopt the revised Meeting Room Policy as presented to be effective on July 1, 2014. Motion by Coffman. Second by Graceffa. Roll call vote: Coffman – yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Graceffa – yes, Motion passed.

Building Bonds – refunding possibilities

Three firms, Robert Baird, Ehlers and Associates, and Speer Financial, submitted proposals to refund the building bonds, which are callable in January 2015. The Board considered a packet with a comparison of the proposals prepared by Dolin, which showed the potential to save between $568,921 and $786,308 over the life of the bonds. This savings cannot be used for operations, but would save library district taxpayer money. The trustees requested that Dolin set up presentations in the next week or two by the three firms to discuss their services and the refunding process. Dolin will post Special Meetings and take minutes to accommodate all trustees who wish to attend the presentations.

JavaPlus Café

Mike Morkert from the JavaPlus Café requested more marketing of the meeting rooms and access to the meeting rooms before the library opens. He proposed formal reading times during mornings before the library opens. Morkert also requested the use of the shared Friends retail space to resell merchandise he would purchase from others. He also wants the sole lease of the seating space in the shared Friends/Café space. None of these activities is included under the current lease proposal, and all would add costs to the Library without adding any revenues for the Library. The Board did not approve the changes.

Review of Closed Session Minutes

Durrenberger distributed the approved, but not released, closed session minutes for the six month review by the trustees. This review does not apply to the audio recordings, which must be retained for at least 18 months.

Motion: To keep the closed session minutes confidential for six more months and then review again. Motion by Bergman. Second by Graceffa. Roll call vote: Coffman – yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Graceffa – yes, Motion passed.

Executive Session

Director’s evaluation.

Motion: To enter into executive session for the discussion of personnel issues as allowed by the Open Meetings Act at 7:55pm. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Graceffa. Roll call vote: Coffman – yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Graceffa – yes, Motion passed.

Motion: To enter into regular session at 8:22pm. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Graceffa. Roll call vote: Coffman – yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Graceffa – yes, Motion passed.

Agenda items for May 22, 2014 Board Meeting

FY 2014-15 Operating Budget, Building Bond Refunding Options, 2014-15 Per Capita Grant Requirements.


Motion: To adjourn the meeting at 8:24 pm. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Coffman. Voice vote: all yes. Motion passed.

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