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March 20, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes Print
Library Board

Sugar Grove Public Library District

Library Board of Trustees

March 20, 2014

Board Meeting Minutes

Call to Order and Roll Call

Vice President Anthony Oliver called the meeting to order at 6:04pm.

Present: Anthony Oliver, Vice President; Louise Coffman, Treasurer; Bill Durrenberger, Secretary; Robert Bergman, Trustee; and Carol Dolin, Director.

Pat Graceffa, Trustee (arrived at 6:07pm).

Absent: Dan Herkes and Art Morrical

Public Comment


Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Minutes of February 27, 2014 Board Meeting.

Motion: To approve the minutes of February 27, 2014 Board Meeting. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Coffman. Roll call vote: Coffman – yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Oliver – yes. Motion passed.



Review of Financial Reports

Coffman reviewed the February 2014 financial reports included in the Board Packet. The Library Budget is 70% spent at 67.7% through the fiscal year. We received approximately 93.3% of anticipated revenues for the year. Several expenditure lines continue to run ahead of budget, most notably children’s and teen’s materials, programming, telecommunications, building maintenance, grounds and parking lot, lawn care and snow removal, and copier supplies and maintenance. We continue to try to reduce telecommunications costs. We needed additional equipment for the Server/LAN line and will need to replace server 03, which manages all public computers and printers. The Staff/Public Computers and Equipment is underspent, so we will shift some of the funds from one line to the other, but may still go over budget. All materials orders have been cancelled for the remainder of the year. We will order and receive the Back to Books orders, but other orders will stop coming for this fiscal year. Online resources for children and teens are overspent, but the overall Online Resource budget is on target. We reduced that line several times over the past few years. Salaries are back under budget at 66.5% spent. Utilities were still slightly under budget at the end of February, but the heating bill in March was more than double the budgeted amount. We anticipate being over budget at the end of March.

Approval of February 2014 Check Register

Motion: To approve the February 2014 Check Register of electronic payments and check numbers 23272-23294 and 23304-23311 in the amount of $19,077.12. Discussion: MAGIC invoice was for the acquisitions module in the automation system. We paid two months of A-1 snow removal in February. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Graceffa. Roll call vote: Coffman – yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Graceffa – yes, Oliver – yes, Motion passed.

Library Report

Dolin reviewed the reports included in the Board Packet, including statistics. Circulation and visits continue to increase over that of the same period last year. Overall circulation was up by 20% over the same period last year with 10,140 checkouts. New service pacs were applied to the servers. We tracked down some illegal patron activity in February, which caused Mediacom to shut down our access. Internet access was interrupted while the backup system activated. We posted stronger language to discourage this kind of activity and are monitoring the situation. Denise Payne and Suzanne Barnhart resigned. Amanda Tate joined the staff after volunteering for four years. We are interviewing for several additional positions, which are in the current year and FY 2014-15 planned budgets.

Board Representative Reports


Friends Report

Graceffa reported on plans in progress for a fundraiser in May for Mother’s Day. They are considering a High Tea.




Referendum results – plans for the future

The Referendum was soundly defeated. The margin of no to yes was overwhelming. People respond positively to the services offered by the Library, but are unwilling to pay any additional taxes to support it. EAV will decline again in 2014-2015. Unless we push our FY 2014 Per Capita Grant into next year, the operating budget will decrease by $15,000. The district owns the building and the increase in the debt is $34,000. The cost of building maintenance and repairs is increasing. Dolin drafted a letter with unavoidable and discretionary expenditures. The Board explored several options to save money and raise revenues. Possible options considered include charging for meeting rooms and/or other services, protesting the $20,000 tax revenue cancellation, monitoring the activities of larger entities who try to reduce the EAV especially in areas that are beginning to develop, cutting the budget for materials, hours, and staff. The contracts for the copiers are up for renewal this year. Our current contractor proposed a lower cost option and we can eliminate one public machine to reduce costs further. The Board considered a list prepared by the staff of proposed cost cutting measures and creative ways to use the facility to raise revenues. Some of the online resources are not heavily used and could be eliminated. We can cut a little more from materials and programs. We could eliminate pay increases, bonuses, and the flexible spending plan. Possible hours to cut may include Monday evenings which are typically slower and Sundays during the summer. We could explore alternative uses for the building and rent space to other groups, businesses, or organizations.

2014-2015 Anticipated Revenues

Anticipated revenues will decrease by $15,000. Charging for the meeting rooms could raise some additional revenue. Dolin will bring a policy to the next board meeting for consideration.


Dolin proposed two staffing budgets that reduced the salaries line by 7.5% to 10%. The Board prefers not to give the staff pay cuts and if at all possible, wishes to maintain operating hours.

Executive Session


Agenda items for April 24, 2014 Board Meeting

Meeting Room Policy, Budget, Closed Session Minutes, Director Review in Closed Session.


Motion: To adjourn the meeting at 7:47 pm. Motion by Coffman. Second by Graceffa. Voice vote: all yes. Motion passed.

Download this file (Minutes 3-20-14FINAL.pdf)March 20, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes[ ]Director204 Kb

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