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December 12, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes Print
Library Board


Sugar Grove Public Library District


Library Board of Trustees


December 12, 2013


Board Meeting Minutes

 Call to Order and Roll Call


President Pro Tem Bill Durrenberger called the meeting to order at 6:04pm.


Present: Louise Coffman, Treasurer; Art Morrical, Trustee; Robert Bergman, Trustee; Bill Durrenberger, Secretary (President Pro-tem); Pat Graceffa, Trustee appointee; Carol Dolin, Director.



Public Comment




Pledge of Allegiance



Approval of Minutes of November 14, 2013 Public Hearing and November 14, 2013 Board Meeting.


Motion: To approve the minutes of November 14, 2013 Public Hearing and November 14, 2013 Board Meeting. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Coffman. Roll call vote: Coffman – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Bergman – yes, Morrical – yes. Motion passed.

Swearing in of Trustee


Durrenberger swore in Graceffa. Merrill Poloian notarized the Oath of Office.




Dolin reviewed correspondence included in the packet. US Bank increased their annual fee for managing the building bonds account from $350 to $450. The Membership Fee Structure in the Sugar Grove Economic Development Corporation is the same as last year. Dolin proposed continuing the library membership at the Associate level with an annual fee of $100.



Review of Financial Reports


Coffman reviewed the financial reports included in the Board Packet. The Library has received the bulk of anticipated revenue for the year. The materials, programs, telecommunications, automation, and audit and health insurance expense lines are ahead of budget at 42% through the year. We slowed spending in these lines and seek additional funding through donations and grants to keep spending within the limits of revenues. Reports from Kane County show that property tax revenues will fall short of our predicted amount by approximately $20,000 this fiscal year.



Approval of November 2013 Check Register


Motion: To approve the November 2013 Check Register of electronic payments and check numbers 21938, 23142-23176. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Morrical. Roll call vote: Coffman – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Bergman – yes, Graceffa – yes, Morrical – yes. Motion passed.


Library Report


Dolin reviewed the reports included in the Board Packet. Library use continues to be strong. Circulation was up 25% and 53.8% of the district held library cards as of the end of November. The Library’s children’s programs continue to draw large audiences while adult programs cancel regularly due to a lack of interest/participation. We purchased and installed a new computer for the HVAC system. A1 removed some perennials that volunteers had planted. They will replace them in the spring. Eight candidates interviewed for two open positions. Hannah Becker joined the staff on December 1 as a Technical Services Clerk. Three candidates turned down the Adult Services Assistant position because the position did not pay enough, offered too few hours, and had no benefits. Carol will continue to assist in Adult Services and we will look at it again after the first of the year. We lost two volunteers in November, but continue to recruit replacements for these highly valued individuals.



Board Representative Reports





Friends Report


Graceffa reported that Ellen Beaulieu will take over as President and Treasurer of the Sugar Grove Library Friends.




Report on Employee Health Insurance


Dolin reviewed the report included in the Board Packet. Dolin met with the managers to get their input for options to expend the remaining $8,000 in the Health Insurance budget line. The following options were proposed by the management team - Option 1: Offer a flexible spending plan where the library would match up to $3 for every dollar contributed by the employee; Option 2: Make more hours available to employees who want to work more, especially when others are on vacation or sick; Option 3: Give all employees a bonus; or Option 4: Hire a temporary employee for the remainder of the fiscal year. Dolin polled the entire employee group and asked for their preference regarding these options. Five employees chose Option 1, two employees chose Option 2, eight employees chose Option 3, and no employees chose Option 4. Based on employee feedback, which signaled an overwhelming response that anything done should benefit the whole employee group, and other information gathered about possible financial impact on employees of various choices, Dolin made the following recommendations:


  1. Pay mid-year bonuses to all employees who are not under disciplinary action, timing the payments according to employee feedback (before or after year end).

  2. Make the flexible spending plan available to all employees and offer up to $100 per month to any employee who participates.

  3. Bring the 403b representative in to speak to all employees. Poll the employee group to see who would be interested in a match. If there is enough interest, put this in place for FY 2014-2015.

  4. Pay end of fiscal year bonuses in June with any remaining funds.



Discussion: Durrenberger and Graceffa prefer the funds be distributed among the top tier of employees for whom the library no longer provides health insurance benefits.


Motion: To adopt the recommendation for the use of the remaining $8,000 in the Health Insurance Budget Line as presented. Motion by Morrical. Second by Coffman. Roll call vote: Coffman – yes, Durrenberger – no, Bergman – yes, Graceffa – no, Morrical – yes. Motion passed.


Rich Harvest Farms





Financial Policy






Referendum Communication Plan


Dolin presented a draft of slides or posters to be used in the library. The Board offered input for changes. Dolin will include the suggestions and prepare a Power Point presentation, posters, and a trifold with information. The possibility of distributing postcards was discussed and rejected. Past experience shows the potential impact does not justify the cost. Dolin suggested a newsletter to be mailed to district residents instead of postcards, and the board discussed the content and cost of such a mailing. The board agreed on a newsletter mailing. Dolin will work up some ideas and board members will work with her.



Executive Session





Agenda items for January 23, 2014 Board Meeting


Rich Harvest Farms, Financial Policy



Motion: To adjourn the meeting at 7:24pm. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Morrical. Voice vote: all yes. Motion passed.




Download this file (Minutes-12-12-13.pdf)Minutes-12-12-13.pdf[ ]Wayne21 Kb

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