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October 24, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes Print
Library Board

Sugar Grove Public Library District

Library Board of Trustees

October 24, 2013

Board Meeting Minutes


Call to Order and Roll Call

Board President Dan Herkes called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

Present: Dan Herkes, President; Louise Coffman, Treasurer; Robert Bergman; and Bill Durrenberger; and Carol Dolin, Director.

Public Comment

Pat Graceffa of the Friends of Sugar Grove Library thanked volunteers from the community for their generous donations toward beautifying the library grounds. She thanked the wrestlers and other volunteers who worked together to prepare the planters, spread donated soil and mulch, and plant the remaining donated plant materials.

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of the September 26, 2013 Board Meeting

Durrenberger requested three minor amendments to the minutes as presented in the packet. The trustees concurred.

Motion: To approve the September 26, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes with the proposed amendments. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Coffman. Roll Call Vote: Herkes – yes, Coffman – yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger – yes. Motion carried.


Dolin reported on correspondence included in the packet and additional items received during the week between packet preparation and the meeting. Health insurance and electricity are expected to increase dramatically in the coming year. The Library received $500 from the Corn Boil. Java Plus plans a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on October 22. The State Police requires signage that notifies visitors that concealed carry is prohibited on public property. Dolin received a draft of suggested policy regarding this issue and included it for the Board’s consideration.

Review of Financial Reports

Coffman reviewed the financial reports and reported on the auditor’s meeting with her, Herkes, and Dolin. As reported earlier, the Library finished FY 2013 on budget. Some changes in reporting requirements caused adjustments to be made to the library’s long-term assets in addition to the regular annual adjustments to bring the budget in line with the accrual method of accounting. Orders of materials near the end of FY 2013 arrived in FY 2014, so these budget lines are overspent at 25% through the fiscal year. Several large annual expenses have been paid including the HVAC maintenance contract, some databases, and the MAGIC quarterly payment. Overall budget is 24.7% spent.

Approval of the September 2013 Check Register

Motion: To approve the September 2013 Check Register including electronic payments and Illinois Funds General Fund checks 23070-23087. Motion by Herkes. Second by Durrenberger. Roll Call Vote: Herkes – yes, Coffman – yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger – yes. Motion carried.

Library Report

Dolin reviewed the written report from the packet. The Library was very busy in September with circulation up by over 30%. Children’s and Teen materials account for over 60% of overall circulation and print materials account for 66.9% of overall circulation. Saturday and Sunday hourly traffic exceeded that of the busiest weekday by a margin of 17%. Five times as many children participated in library sponsored programming this September than last September. The Children’s Department staff offered programs using the materials purchased with the Back to Books Grant, which were very well received. Wayne Lindquist, the IT Manager configured, installed, and tested a new router and virtual LANS. As a result, one of the MediaCom lines and one DSL line will be eliminated before November 1. This should save approximately $200 per month in telecommunications charges. The Library continues to rely on volunteers to shelve returned materials. As circulation continues to climb, getting the materials on the shelves and keeping the shelves orderly is increasingly difficult. Staff is grateful to our dedicated volunteers. Jennifer Stasinopoulos joined the library as Circulation Manager on September 30. Sarah Barbel plans to go on maternity leave starting November 17. She plans to step down as Kids Library Manager to spend more time with her family but hopes to return to the Children’s Department after her leave to work with early childhood and summer reading programs. Stasinopoulos holds a MLIS degree in children’s librarianship. We are exploring the possibility of combining the roles of Circulation and Children’s Library Manager.

Board Representative Reports

Finance - none

Building – Missing shingles on the tower are due to the nature of the hybrid roof of shingles over non-standard roofing materials. Herkes and the interim director investigated potential need for repairs and determined it is not a serious problem at present. The situation requires monitoring and planning to repair the roof at some future date.

Grounds – Coffman expressed gratitude to the wresters and volunteers who volunteered to help with the soil, mulch and planting. Their efforts made a huge impact on the appearance of the grounds. The library received 48 yards of free mulch from the Village. Covering all of the beds on the Library grounds requires 60 yards. The remaining beds can wait until next year.

Bylaws – none.

Long Range Plan – none.

Personnel – none.

Policy – Dolin presented a draft of the Display / Bulletin Board Policy as requested at the September 26 Board Meeting. See Old Business.

Technology – See Library Report.


Friends Report

Pat Graceffa reported on a meeting she recently attended concerning the 2016 international golf tournament at Rich Harvest Farms and the request by that organization that the library allow the placement in the library of a large, free-standing sign promoting awareness of this tournament, as well as the running on the library’s video screen of information about this tournament.

Old Business

Reschedule Truth in Taxation Hearing

The notice in the newspaper lacked the “black box” border and could not be republished to meet the time requirements. Dolin proposed holding the hearing before the November Regular Board Meeting.

Motion: To reschedule the Truth in Taxation Act (TITA) Hearing on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 6:00pm. Motion by Herkes. Second by Coffman. Roll Call Vote: Herkes – yes, Coffman – yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger – yes. Motion carried.

Display / Public Posting Policy

Staff regularly field requests and complaints about items they bring to the library for posting. The proposed policy offers guidelines for what can be posted, where, and for how long. This policy applies to the community bulletin board and not the library as a whole. Special circumstances may allow other areas of the library to be used for larger displays or special events. There was discussion of the Rich Harvest Farms request brought to the board by Pat Graceffa earlier in this board meeting. A Rich Harvest Farms representative will contact Dolin to discuss the details.

Motion: To adopt the Display / Public Posting Policy as proposed. Motion by Coffman. Second by Herkes. Roll Call Vote: Herkes – yes, Coffman – yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger – yes. Motion carried.

Employee Health Insurance

Preliminary cost estimates are in for the library’s health insurance plans. Early renewal is more costly than waiting until January 1. Staff tried to get more information on the health insurance plans offered through the Affordable Care Act, but were not able to get onto the site. An additional staff member has indicated interest in signing up for the Library’s plans. Trustees need more information to determine a course of action. Tabled until the November meeting.

New Business

Community Survey

The survey was distributed on October 10 via e-mail, website, Facebook, and paper. 451 respondents completed the survey. Just over one third of respondents want the library to be open every day. Respondents believe new books for adults and children, programs for children, additional hours, special events, and summer reading are most important or important. 56.1% of respondents did not know the library receives less operating revenue than libraries in surrounding communities. 42.7% of respondents would vote for an increase for operating expenses of up to $25 per $100,000 household, 13.5% would vote for an increase of $25 to $50, and 7.7% would vote for an increase of $50-$75.

Referendum Question

The community survey responses indicates support for the Board to put a referendum question on the ballot requesting an operating increase of $25 per $100,000 household.

Motion: To put a question on the April 2014 Ballot requesting a corporate rate increase that generates additional revenues of $25 per $100,000 household. Motion by Herkes. Second by Coffman. Roll Call Vote: Herkes – yes, Coffman – yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger – yes. Motion carried.

Financial Policy

The Library’s bank accounts were consolidated at the Illinois Funds, eliminating the Snow Street account. The auditor outlined legal designations for different pools of moneys based on the Board’s intended uses of those funds. Herkes and Coffman requested a formal statement of the intended purpose for the proceeds of the Snow Street Building of approximately $85,000. These funds are separate from the Special Reserve Fund and are for upkeep of the library facility. Dolin will present a financial policy for Board Consideration at the November Board Meeting.

Executive Session – none.

Agenda items for November 14, 2013, board meeting

Employee health insurance, Rich Harvest Farms request, financial policy, referendum question


Motion: To adjourn the meeting at 7:50pm. Motion by Coffman. Second by Herkes. Voice vote. All – yes. Motion carried.


Download this file (Minutes 10-24-13 FINAL.pdf)October 24, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes[ ]Director105 Kb

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