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July 16, 2013 Special Board Meeting Minutes Print
Library Board

Sugar Grove Public Library District

Minutes of the Library Board of Trustees Special Meeting

Environmental Scan and SWOT Analysis

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

6:00 p.m.

125 S. Municipal Drive, Sugar Grove, Illinois 60554




Board President Dan Herkes called the meeting to order at 6:06 p.m.


Present: Trustee Art Morrical, Trustee Robert Bergman, President Dan Herkes, Treasurer Louise Coffman, Trustee Bill Durrenberger, Vice President Anthony Oliver.





Motion: To adopt the agenda as presented. Motion by Herkes. Second by Coffman. Roll Call Vote: Morrical – yes, Bergman – yes, Herkes – yes, Coffman – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Oliver - yes.



Review Library Mission:

The Board discussed the mission and proposed the following revision:

Our mission is to be a unique resource to offer open access to information that fosters a passion for reading, learning, and the exchange of ideas. As the heart of our community, we support democracy, citizenship, and the cultural grown of the Sugar Grove Public Library District.


Review Library Draft Long Range Plan

The Meeting Packet included a 2011 draft of a Long Range Plan that has the essential elements, but lacks detail. Morrical and Durrenberger said a longer, more detailed version exists. The shorter version served as a focus for the environmental scanning discussion. The longer draft will be located for a more in depth planning discussion at a later meeting.


Environmental Scan with SWOT Analysis

The Board used the Illinois State Library’s Environmental Scanning Slideshow Presentation to identify the following strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the Library.



·         People

o   Board – president and board moving in a unified direction

o   Community – Friends support

o   Well-trained, friendly staff

·         Community – educated and affluent citizenry

·         Better idea of our target audience

·         Fifty-two percent of the residents in the District now registered for library cards

·         Data demonstrates a marked increase in library visits and use

·         We are maximizing our limited budget

·         Facility

o   Beautiful, modern, well-equipped, comfortable, and spacious building

o   Janice Katherine Rich Learning Center

o   Meeting and study rooms

o   JavaPlus café



·         Limited Revenue Stream

o   Lack of Collections (physical and e-resources)

o   Lack of Staff

o   Limited Operating Hours

o   Lack of desirable application software (video/photo/sound editing)

o   No Mac Computers

·         Lack of Teen Interest

·         Perception Problems (residual sentiment that building is too large)

·         Residual Anger over Director Termination

·         Need more robust web presence

·         No Foundation / Endowment



·         Library can be a liaison between high schools and colleges/universities

·         Diversify revenue stream

o   Grants

o   Donations

o   Endowments

·         Build on emerging partnerships

o   Schools

o   Businesses

o   Other agencies

·         Communicate better who we serve and why the library is an asset to the community

o   We are a district, not just Sugar Grove

o   Number of people and homes

·         Take advantage of skills on the staff to enhance technology

·         Do more outreach and marketing

o   Formal newsletter

o   Pursue a referendum differently

o   Promote ourselves as part of local government, responsible use of funding that benefits residents who pay the taxes

o   Voter registration with Library Card registration



·         An operating rate increase referendum may not pass

o   Repeated failure in our past

·         Rising costs

·         Replacement costs increase as the building ages

·         Impression that libraries are obsolete

·         Illinois’ financial situation

·         Missed opportunities due to lack of funds



Download this file (130716 Special Board Meeting MinutesFINAL.pdf)July 16, 2013 Special Board Meeting Minutes[ ]Director136 Kb

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