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April 25, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes Print
Library Board


President Joan Roth called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.



Present: Art Morrical, Vice President; Anthony Oliver, Trustee; Bill Durrenberger, Secretary; Carol Dolin, Director; Dan Herkes, Treasurer; and Joan Roth, President.


Absent: Robert Bergman.



Pat Graceffa congratulated the new trustees on their successful campaigns and offered to assist in any way she can.



Motion: To approve the minutes of the March 28, 2013 Regular Board Meeting. Motion by Herkes. Second by Morrical. Roll Call Vote: Morrical - yes, Oliver – yes, Durrenberger - yes, Herkes – yes, Roth - yes. Motion carried.

Motion: To destroy the audio recordings of all executive session minutes from now and as they reach 18 months old. Motion by Morrical. Discussion: Audio recordings that are over 18 months old can be destroyed. Herkes and Durrenberger were not comfortable voting now to automatically destroy recordings as they reach 18 months. Oliver expressed a preference to retain all recordings as a part of the library’s history. Morrical amended the motion: To destroy the audio recordings of executive sessions that are currently over 18 months old. Second by Roth. Roll Call Vote: Morrical – yes, Oliver – no, Durrenberger – yes, Herkes – yes, Roth - yes. Motion carried.



Dolin reported on correspondence included in the packet, which included a confidential letter, the contents of which will be disclosed later, the Small Public Library Management Institute (SPLMI) award letter and schedule, and 2013-14 Real Estate Tax distribution schedule. The library also received a thank you note for participating in the Kaneland Fine Arts Festival.



Treasurer, Dan Herkes reviewed the financial reports including the Balance Sheet; Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, and Changes in Fund; Schedule of Revenue and Expenditures Budget vs. Actual; March 2013 Check Register; and Trial Balance for March 2013. At three quarters of the way through the fiscal year, total revenues are at 100.47% and total expenditures are 76.13% spent. Automation continues to run ahead of budget due to the Baum Sign repairs. This is offset by miscellaneous revenues due to the insurance payment that covered the bulk of the repairs. March had three payrolls so payroll is slightly ahead of budget. The funds approved at last month’s meeting were added to the materials lines.



Motion: To approve the March 2013 check register. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Oliver. Roll Call Vote: Morrical - yes, Oliver – yes, Durrenberger - yes, Herkes – yes, Roth - yes. Motion carried.



Dolin provided a written report to the Board, which covered library and materials use statistics, building and grounds, technology, community outreach, and staffing. Circulation reached a new high at 49.2% over March 2013. Books, movies, music, audiobooks, and magazine checkout are all up. Children’s materials continue to comprise the majority of circulation. All A/V materials circulation is at about 27% of overall Circulation.  We added over 500 new items to the collection. Downloadable content use is also up, but not nearly as much as the physical materials. Transparent language has very few users that use the service a lot. eMedia Library, Freegal, and Zinio is heavily used. We are working on the website to make the online services easier to find and use and continuing to evaluate these services for their value to library users. Reference questions were up again last month, probably due more to the concerted effort to record the transactions than actual activity. Saturday and Sunday are very busy along with Tuesdays. Circulation is heavier on Tuesdays, but Saturday and Sunday bring more traffic and questions. Monday mornings continue to be slow with few people picking up reserved items. The school visits appear to be working. We issued almost 100 new library cards and renewed about 90. Carol met with all of the staff members to commend them for their hard work and success. Every department, Technical Services, Children’s Services, Adult Services, Circulation, and Computer Services, has made major changes to their workflow to become more efficient and offer compelling and highly valued services to our population. Ryan has taken on monitoring the building and grounds, along with all of his other responsibilities in searching for materials, retrieving materials from weeding lists, shifting, and repairing materials, and is doing a great job. Mary completely overhauled the operation of Technical Services and is now down to one staff person from three a year ago. Circulation has all new staff and is at about 80% self-check and managing 25% more circulation with fewer staff. Youth Services has added programming and school visits along with collection development. Adult Services has taken on responsibility for the meeting rooms, collection development, programming, and Merrill helps with HR and policies as well as assisting with training in other areas. Wayne has singlehandedly upgraded the entire computer/IT system while also providing direct patron service. The staff has done remarkably well during the transition over the past year. The building continues to leak during strong storms. The HVAC system continues to experience various alarms, possibly due to variations in the power supply. The glass doors between the entry and main library stopped working and Trustee Oliver contracted for repairs. The doors move stiffly, but now work.



Art submitted a letter to a local organization requesting funds. We have not heard anything yet. We will do more of that depending on what happens with the grant.



JavaPlus Presentation

Carol Dolin and Dan Herkes reported the following. The Morkerts were not able to attend due to a prior commitment. They plan to have a soft opening May 18 and 19. They will provide samples of different food items and beverages. They will have a grand opening in June after school gets out. They will have a staff meeting the Thursday before they open. They plan to keep similar hours to the library, except for an earlier open. They will take possession of the space and begin to bring in equipment and product on May 1. We will keep it locked when they are not here until they are ready to open.


Carol Dolin and Dan Herkes reported the following. The cappuccino machine cannot be repaired for a reasonable price and probably cannot be repaired at all. It can steam and froth milk, but does not make coffee products. It is a part of the café contract and JavaPlus has indicated that they want one. The Board considered sharing the purchase of a new machine, but determined it is best for either the library or the tenant – but not both - to own the equipment. Dolin and Herkes will contact the Morkerts and determine the next course of action. If the Morkerts request that the machine be replaced, Dolin and Herkes will attempt to locate a high quality replacement cappuccino machine for not more than $1,000. If this is not possible, Dolin has the authority to go higher but to use her discretion and keep the Board informed.


Special Reserve Fund

Dolin reviewed Ordinance 11-06-02 to clarify which funds are to be used for the Special Reserve Fund and when funds are to be moved into the fund. Excess property tax funds may be moved into the Special Reserve Fund after the end of the fiscal year if the Board decides to do that.


Trustee Training Opportunities

Dolin explained that the ALA Pre-Conference and Conference is June 27 to July 2. If the Board is interested in attending Trustee training sessions, the library has some funds in the budget to pay the entry fees this year.


Trustee Oliver mentioned that he had paid for training in the past fiscal year for which he was not reimbursed. Dolin, Durrenberger, and Herkes explained that there were no funds in the past fiscal year. Several trustees expressed a willingness to reimburse Oliver now. Dolin explained that it would be difficult now to reimburse Oliver for an expense incurred during the past fiscal year, but she agreed to check into this issue.


Dolin prepared a binder for each Trustee. Dolin explained that WebJunction, which is included in the binder, is an excellent resource for trustee training and provides a variety of documents and webinars. Environmental Scanning, a SWOT analysis, and a review of Chapter 10 of Serving Our Public 2.0 are required for the Per Capita Grant Application, which is due in September.


Included in the binder:

  1. Trustee Fact File highlighting chapters needed in the next few months
  2. Library Days/Dates to remember
  3. Slides from a WebJunction Presentation on Environmental Scanning
  4. Chapter 10 of Serving Our Public 2.0
  5. Some information about Library Trustee responsibilities
  6. Basic Library Law by Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins
  7. The Bylaws of the Trustees of the Sugar Grove Public Library
  8. An abbreviated version of Robert’s Rules of Order


Dolin offered tours to any interested trustee at his or her convenience.




Executive Session, Director’s Evaluation

Motion: To enter into executive session at 7:18pm under Section 2C of the Open Meetings Act for the purposes of hiring, firing, discipline, or evaluation of personnel. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Herkes. Voice Vote: All aye. Motion passes.


Motion: To enter into Regular Session at 8:05 pm. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Morrical. Voice Vote: All aye. Motion passes.

Motion: To increase the Director’s salary by $2,000 annually beginning July 1, 2013. Motion by Art Morrical. Second by Dan Herkes. Roll Call Vote: Morrical – yes, Oliver – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Herkes – yes, Roth - yes. Motion carried.


Agenda Items for May 23, 2013 Board Meeting

50th Anniversary Celebration, JavaPlus cappuccino machine.


This being her final meeting as trustee, Roth thanked the Board and Dolin for the past year and expressed her pleasure in working with everyone.



Motion: To adjourn the Board Meeting at 8:07 p.m. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Oliver. Voice Vote: all in favor. Motion carried.

Download this file (Minutes 4-25-13FINAL.pdf)April 25, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes[ ]Director348 Kb

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