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March 7, 2013 Special Board Meeting Minutes Print
Library Board

Sugar Grove Public Library Board of Trustees

Minutes of March, 7, 2013 Special Board Meeting



President Joan Roth called the meeting to order at 5:37 p.m.



Present: Art Morrical, Vice President; Bill Durrenberger, Secretary; Dan Herkes, Treasurer; Carol Dolin, Library Director; and Joan Roth, President.

Absent: Robert Bergman, Anthony Oliver.





Cancel Book Nook Café Contract with Perry Clark

Bill Durrenberger contacted Perry Clark to inquire about canceling the library’s lease agreement with him for Book Nook Café. Clark responded by email saying he would not be able to open the café as planned and agreed to terminate the agreement. He volunteered to pay the agreement through December if necessary, but he wanted the security deposit returned. Durrenberger asked for immediate payment through June less the security deposit. Clark signed the termination and paid $150 ($450 rent minus $300 security deposit.)


Anthony Oliver arrived at 5:47 p.m.


The Board discussed the possibility of seeking a donation equivalent to what Clark would have paid for the full contract.

Motion: To accept the Cancellation of the Book Nook Contract with Perry Clark. Motion by Dan Herkes. 2nd by Bill Durrenberger. Roll Call Vote: Art Morrical – yes, Bill Durrenberger – yes, Joan Roth – yes, Anthony Oliver – yes, Dan Herkes – yes. Motion carries.


Discuss and approve Future Book Nook Café Licensing

The Board discussed a potential agreement with Java Plus. Dolin spoke with representatives from the Corn Boil, Kendall County Fair, and Chicago Coffee Roastery and all spoke favorably about the Morkerts and their operation of Java Plus. The Board agreed to pursue an agreement with the firm.

 Motion: To authorize Joan Roth to sign a contract with Java Plus with a 6 month term of $150 per month and a $300 security deposit. The contract should be structured similarly to the recently cancelled contract with details to be acceptable to Dolin and Roth. Bill Durrenberger will draw up the agreement. Motion by Bill Durrenberger. 2nd by Dan Herkes.

Amendment: Any additional equipment required by the Morkerts is to be paid for by Java Plus. Motion by Anthony Oliver. 2nd by Bill Durrenberger. Voice Vote: All in favor. Motion to amend carries.

Initial Motion, as Amended: Voice Vote: All in favor. Motion carries.


Executive Session




Motion: To adjourn the Board Meeting at 6:25 p.m. Motion by Bill Durrenberger. Second by Anthony Oliver. Voice Vote: all in favor. Motion carried.

Download this file (Minutes 3-7-13FINAL.doc)March 7, 2013 Special Board Meeting Minutes[ ]Director35 Kb
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