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February 28, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes Print
Library Board

Sugar Grove Public Library Board of Trustees

Minutes of February 28, 2013 Board Meeting


President Joan Roth called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.



Present: Anthony Oliver, Trustee; Dan Herkes, Treasurer; Bill Durrenberger, Secretary; Art Morrical, Vice President; Robert Bergman, Trustee; Carol Dolin, Library Director; and Joan Roth, President.

Absent: None.



Michael and Vicki Morkert of Java Plus presented a proposal to operate the Book Nook Café.



Motion: To approve the minutes of the January 24, 2013 Regular Board Meeting. Motion by Herkes. Second by Oliver. Roll Call Vote: Roth - yes, Oliver – yes, Herkes – yes, Durrenberger - yes, Morrical – yes, Bergman - yes. Motion carried.



Treasurer, Dan Herkes reviewed the financial reports including the Balance Sheet; Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, and Changes in Fund; Schedule of Revenue and Expenditures Budget vs. Actual; January 2013 Check Register; and Trial Balance for January. At 58.3% through the fiscal year, total revenues are at 100.02% and total expenditures are 60.2% spent. In Revenues, Miscellaneous revenue is at 214% of budget and includes the $12,775 insurance payment for the monument sign repairs. Property taxes and grants are at 100%, Donations and Café License fees are slightly ahead of budget at 60-70%, and Fines & Fees, Interest Income are slightly behind budget at about 50%. In Expenditures, Automation is at 112% of a budget of $30,000, including the monument sign repair of $13,000. Without that expense, Automation is at 68% spent, including three of the four MAGIC payments for the year. Programming is at 110% of a budget of $3,500, Young adult books are at 102% of a budget of $1,200, Bank and Investment Charges are at 238% of a budget of $250, and Miscellaneous is at 107% of a budget of $500. Durrenberger asked about check number 21682 to Carol Dolin. Sam’s Club does not take VISA, so Carol purchased items for the collection and then filed for reimbursement. Durrenberger asked about check numbers 21703 and 21704 to MAGIC for the 2nd and 3rd quarters. MAGIC sent both invoices at the same time, even though one of the invoices was for an earlier quarter. Those invoices were paid in January. Herkes pointed out check number 21711 to Card Member Services, which is for the Library’s credit card. Herkes commented on the increase in circulation and traffic to the library. The Materials Budgets are getting close to fully spent. Herkes proposed using funds from the Snow Street Account to supplement some lines in the Materials budget. Oliver and Roth said no. All Board members wish to continue to purchase materials. Durrenberger and Roth asked if it would be possible to shift funds from another line. Dolin and Herkes will look at the budget and prepare alternatives for the March Board meeting.




Motion: To approve the January 2013 check register. Motion by Oliver. Second by Durrenberger. Roll Call Vote: Roth - yes, Oliver – yes, Herkes – yes, Durrenberger - yes, Morrical – yes, Bergman - yes. Motion carried.


Book Nook Café - Action

Durrenberger reported on numerous attempts to communicate with Perry Clark regarding the agreement between Clark and the library. As of January 28, Clark said he intended to open the café in February or by March 1 at the latest. He has not been in contact since and has not been in the library to prepare for opening on Friday. Durrenberger will contact Clark one more time to offer to voluntarily terminate the agreement, which runs through December 2013. Durrenberger will call a Special Board Meeting to terminate the contract with Clark and consider a new agreement with Java Plus if Clark agrees to terminate. Dolin will check references for Java Plus.


Policy Review

The Circulation policy review continued as requested by Oliver in January. The proposed Circulation Policy differs in format from the previous policy, which is not conducive to a side-by-side comparison. Durrenberger asked who prepared the policy. Dolin said Circulation Manager Michelle Drawz and she had prepared it. Durrenberger asked if Dolin approves of the policy. She does.

Motion: To adopt the revised Circulation Policy. Motion by Morrical. Second by Durrenberger. Vote: Roth - yes, Oliver – yes, Herkes – yes, Durrenberger - yes, Morrical – yes, Bergman - yes. Motion carried.


Intergovernmental Agreement

The Library, Township, and Park District entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement in 2010 to provide services for older adults at the Township Building. Tom Rowe approached Dolin to discuss the agreement, which automatically renews in June unless any of the parties takes action to change it. Dolin feels this is a positive partnership, but it exposes the three entities to liability, and commits the Library to staffing another building. The agreement is very open ended and Dolin wishes draw some limits to the amount of time and resources the library will provide. Dolin proposed that the Library would participate in quarterly programming and provide a speaker, book discussion, movie, or some similar content according to a theme to be decided by the three entities. Durrenberger and Dolin will draft language to be incorporated into the agreement, which can be brought back to the Board in March.


Oliver departed the meeting at 6:54 p.m..



The correspondence was included in the Board packet and included a membership application for the Sugar Grove Economic Development Corporation and letters from State Senator Jim Oberweis, recommending that the library apply for the State’s Back to Books Grant, and Anne Craig, Director of the State Library recommending an application to the Small Public Library Management Institute (SPLMI). Dolin has applied for the Back to Books Grant and the SPLMI program. The Board discussed the library’s financial situation and approved a $100 expenditure to become an Associate Member of the Economic Development Corporation. The Board agreed that participation in organizations like this is beneficial, however with the budgetary constraints selective participation at a minimum level is all we can do at present. Dolin also passed a folder with other correspondence including newsletters, a call for items to raffle for the Corn Boil, and other various information.



Dolin provided a written report to the Board, which covered library and materials use statistics, building and grounds, technology, community outreach, and staffing. A few people used the Monday morning drive up service during February. Sundays are seeing more traffic, especially as it stays light later. Saturday mornings are very busy, but even though it is a little slower in the afternoon, we often have people in the building right up until closing. Dolin created a new spreadsheet to track visits, which should assist in evaluating the need for additional changes in the hours of operation. Many people come by on Sundays between noon and 2pm. Windows 7 and 8 and Office 2013 installation is complete. We added RAM to several machines so they can run the new software. Dolin applied for the Back to Books Grant for $5,000, which could help with collection development. If the library wins the grant, Dolin plans to do a fundraiser to get matching funds.






Hours of Operation

See Library Report.


Technology Planning update

Dolin presented the Technology Plan. IT/Computer Lab Manager Wayne Lindquist and Dolin prepared the Technology Plan with input from Morrical. If the Board approves the Technology Plan, Dolin will pull the projects out and put them in a spreadsheet with anticipated costs to assist in planning the automation budget. The Technology Plan is flexible enough to adapt as technology evolves. Proposed projects have estimated costs attached to use to prepare letters for charitable contributions to cover costs beyond the current budget.

Motion: To adopt the Technology Plan for July 2012 to June 2016. Motion by Morrical. Second by Herkes. Vote: Roth - yes, Herkes – yes, Durrenberger - yes, Morrical – yes, Bergman - yes. Motion carried.


Book Nook Café update

See above.


Policy Review

See above.


Health Insurance Update

Three staff members continue on the health insurance, each on a different health insurance plan, one on HMO, one on PPO, and one on High Deductible/HSA. The fourth employee went on a spouse’s plan. All Staff were invited to presentations from Digital Benefits Corporation and Aflac. The cost to upgrade life insurance from $10,000 to approximately one year of salary for employees working 20 hours or more per week is very reasonable. After investigating the supplemental plans with Aflac and Digital Benefits, staff prefer to use the remaining personnel benefits budget for performance incentives and bonuses. The Board approves this plan.


Bank Accounts

The Library does not have checks for the Illinois Funds accounts yet, so no accounts have been closed.


Bond Refunding

Ehlers and Associates made a presentation to Herkes and Dolin. They recommend waiting to refund until after trying to pass a rate increase because the library would get a better rate on the bonds if the operating budget is more solid. Herkes believes it is best to wait to get closer to when the bonds are callable to reduce the risk of negative arbitrage and to see what the chances are should we go to referendum.


Website improvements

Curt Schultz from Create with Curtis, a referral from Outsource IT Solutions Group spoke with Dolin on the telephone and sent links to his work with a rough quote of $4500-$5,000 to upgrade the Library’s website. He recommends building the website on a Wordpress or Drupal template using existing plugins and add-ons.


Dolin, Lindquist, and Herkes viewed a presentation by Ken Wiesner from KRW Solutions, Inc. with samples of his work and recommendations for an upgraded website. His proposal uses Wordpress and Standard Plugin Installation and Configuration, theme branding and customization of selected pre-built child theme, content migration, limited custom development, training, and deployment for $3,660. He would also host the website for $240 per year.


Dolin, Lindquist, and Technical Services Manager Mary Clapp viewed a presentation hosted by RAILS and MAGIC of a new Sirsi Dynix product called Enterprise. This product provides front-end access to all of the library’s resources, physical and electronic, and can serve as the main page of the website. MAGIC signed a contract to purchase Enterprise and Electronic Resource Center and will assist the library in the installation, limited customization, training, and deployment of the product. Associated costs are included in our annual fees, which will decline by approximately $1,000 next year. The library purchased the Adobe Creative Suite and staff hopes to carve out time to work on the existing website. Joomla is difficult to work with, but staff will try to keep it going until Enterprise is ready to go.


Staff / Trustee Training

Reaching Forward programming is not available yet. ALA registration is available and Dolin would like as many trustees and staff to attend as possible. The library’s budget can pay the entrance fees. Lodging is not covered. ILA offers trustee training as well. The next session is in Springfield, but it is offered annually and Dolin will watch for a local session next year.





Intergovernmental Agreement

See above.



The Library can lock in the negotiated rate this year. Electronic rates will be negotiated later in the year.

 Motion: To accept the NIMEC bid for the negotiated gas rate. Motion by Herkes. Second by Morrical. Vote: Roth - yes, Herkes – yes, Durrenberger - yes, Morrical – yes, Bergman - yes. Motion carried.


Executive Session



Agenda Items for March 28, 2013 Board Meeting 9c, 10a

Items for the March 28 meeting. Book Nook Café and Intergovernmental Agreement. Submit to Bill Durrenberger or Carol Dolin at least a week before the meeting.



Motion: To adjourn the Board Meeting at 7:50 p.m. Motion by Morrical. Second by Durrenberger. Voice Vote: all in favor. Motion carried.

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