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January 24, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes Print
Library Board

Sugar Grove Public Library Board of Trustees

Minutes of January 24, 2013 Board Meeting


President Joan Roth called the hearing to order at 6:00 p.m.



Present: Art Morrical, Vice President; Anthony Oliver, Trustee; Dan Herkes, Treasurer; Bill Durrenberger, Secretary; Carol Dolin, Library Director; Robert Bergman, Trustee; and Joan Roth, President.

Absent: None.






Roth proposed moving item 10a Staff Recognition up on the agenda. Trustee Oliver inquired about making amendments to a posted agenda. Durrenberger stated that the Board can discuss anything, but cannot take action unless an item is on the agenda. The Board approved Roth’s request and presented Circulation Manager Michelle Drawz with her 25 Year Service Pin. Durrenberger commended Drawz and the library staff in general for their outstanding service.



Motion: To approve the minutes of the December 13, 2012 Regular Board Meeting. Motion by Herkes. Second by Oliver. Roll Call Vote: Roth - yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger - yes, Herkes - yes, Oliver – yes, Morrical – yes. Motion carried.



The correspondence was included in the Board packet and included letters from James Baker, Treasurer of the Holiday in the Grove thanking the library for its support, Lin Bargemann, Secretary of the Lifelong Learning Institute thanking the library for providing an accessible and convenient room for their meetings, and Mary Hauge from the Big Rock Volunteer Library congratulating the library on the expanded hours and notifying us of their new exhibit.



Treasurer, Dan Herkes reviewed the financial reports for the Board. Reports covered include the Balance Sheet; Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, and Changes in Fund; Schedule of Revenue and Expenditures Budget vs. Actual; and Trial Balance for December. The accountant made the requested corrections to reallocate expenditures to the correct budget lines and included amended financial reports for November as well. The automation budget line continues to run ahead of budget due to the Baum sign repairs in July. Miscellaneous revenues is also ahead of budget and includes the insurance payment that covered those repairs. Supplies continue to run ahead of budget due to costs associated with the increase in the materials purchases. Supplies are required both at the library and at the vendor-processing site, especially as we transition to primarily vendor-processed materials. We anticipate needing fewer supplies at the library as more materials are processed offsite. Total expenditures are 52.27% spent at halfway through the year. Several once annual costs have been paid, so the overall budget is on target.



Oliver questioned the audit expense and payments to vendors for materials purchases. The audit is a one-time expense that came in under budget and the staff monitors prices on A/V materials, especially for items that cost significantly less at a retail outlet than through the library vendors. This practice is likely to decline after vendor A/V processing is up and running, as it is faster and more cost effective if materials arrive “shelf-ready”. Durrenberger inquired about RFID tags, the electric bill, the snow blower repair, and the Collection Agency. The library requires both “hub” and “book” RFID tags, which arrived in separate orders in January. The snow blower had a mouse next inside, which required repairs to the machine. The library paid the collection agency in December. If that service is eliminated, the library should have to make one last payment.

Motion: To approve the December 2012 check register. Motion by Oliver. Second by Durrenberger. Roll Call Vote: Roth - yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger - yes, Herkes - yes, Oliver – yes, Morrical - yes. Motion carried.



Dolin provided a written report to the Board, which covered library and materials use statistics, building and grounds, technology, community outreach, and staffing. No one used the Monday morning drive up service during the first three weeks of January. The first three Sundays saw mixed results with about 50 visitors the first week, 135 in week two, and 60 in week three. Saturday afternoons were also somewhat mixed, but averaged about as many visitors as a typical weekday afternoon. Dolin created a new spreadsheet to track visits, which should assist in evaluating the need for additional changes in the hours of operation. The library added nearly 500 items to the collection in December - 254 for children, 32 for teens, and 183 for adults. The library purchased children’s items with the $1,000 donation from Ellen Bonewitz and several smaller donations by library supporters. The Holiday in the Grove program was a great success and the staff plans to use programming funds to offer similar large-scale programs on a quarterly basis and regular story times, after school programs, and movie showings. The children’s programs are full for the winter sessions. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the days when we offer children’s programs, are the highest traffic days in the library. People continue to renew and get new library cards to use the electronic resources. Overdrive and Zinio are doing very well. Cordogan Clark sent a representative to look at the crack in the circulation counter. They will prepare a quote to reconfigure the counter to integrate the self-check machines in an ADA compliant manner. They will prepare a three-phase quote to 1) simply repair the counter top, 2) integrate the self-check machines, and 3) repair or reconfigure the Children’s desk to eliminate the rough edges. The server virtualization is complete. Windows 7 and 8 installation has begun. Office 2010 and 2013 is the next project and should be complete by the end of the fiscal year. Dolin and Morrical met to discuss the technology plan. Dolin requested additional direction from the Board before completing this plan. The staff is working on a wish list of technology items for the next Board meeting. Outreach efforts continue. Library staff met with representatives from Shields Elementary, Chesterbrook Academy, Harter Middle, and Kaneland High School, Fox Valley Reads, the Lifelong Learning Institute and hosted a Girl Scout Troup for an after-hours event. Staff plans to attend a January 30 meeting with area libraries and schools to discuss summer reading, common core requirements, and possible partnerships.



  • Technology report by Art Morrical. See Library Report.
  • Building and Grounds report by Anthony Oliver. See Library Report.



Hours of Operation

Roth requested ongoing statistics of library use on Mondays from 7am-10am, Sundays, and Saturdays from 1pm to 4pm. Dolin will keep the statistics in the spreadsheet and report monthly.


Technology Planning update

Morrical and Dolin met to work on the Technology Plan, which resulted in some progress. Dolin plans to have draft of the Technology Plan for the February meeting and a wish list of technology items for March 1.


Book Nook Café update

Perry Clark delivered two checks on January 16, 2013, a $450 check for the first quarterly lease payment and a $300 check for the security deposit. The security deposit was due at the lease signing, but was not paid. The lease payment was due on January 1, 2013. The lease allows a grace period of five days for the quarterly lease payment and then assesses $25 per day late fee for each day after that. Dolin told Clark about the late fee, but he has not returned to the library since. Two potential lessors expressed interest in operating the café in January and patrons ask regularly when the café will open. Durrenberger will contact Clark to ask about the status of the café and to determine the status of the contract. Dolin will contact the other prospect to encourage her to submit a proposal.


Policy Review

The Board considered a draft of the proposed Circulation policy. Oliver requested tabling the policy until the next meeting when they can compare it with the existing policy. Dolin reviewed proposed changes to the loan periods, especially as it relates to new materials. She also reviewed the existing contract and a proposed new contract for the collections agency. Morrical proposed eliminating the collection agency because sending people to collections and damaging their credit creates a level of ill will that is impossible to overcome. Oliver concurred.

Motion: To eliminate the future use of any collection agency of any kind. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Morrical. Roll Call Vote: Roth - yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger - yes, Herkes - yes, Oliver – yes, Morrical – yes. Motion carried.


Health Insurance Update

Rates increased by 27%. Dolin investigated alternatives. One employee has dropped insurance and gone on a spouse’s plan and the library could not stay with its current plan. We are still waiting for final rates. AFLAC presented alternatives for supplemental insurance plans, which may help to offset some of the increase in premiums. Dolin recommends using Digital Benefits Advisors for the three employees who have health insurance and pursue alternatives for supplemental insurance for any other eligible employees. The library currently pays $2,000 per month for health insurance for four employees.

 Motion: To authorize Dolin in consultation with the staff to procure health insurance at a cost not to exceed $2000 per month. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Oliver. Roll Call Vote: Roth - yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger - yes, Herkes - yes, Oliver – yes. Morrical – yes. Motion carried.


Bank Accounts

Roth, Durrenberger, Herkes, and Dolin signed and submitted forms to change the names on the Illinois Funds accounts. The Board needs to decide which local accounts to close. Herkes and Dolin need online access to the Castle Bank statements. Bergman and Morrical have access now and need to transfer those rights.

Motion: To maintain two Illinois Funds Accounts, close the Castle Bank Accounts, and close one of the Old Second accounts to maintain three accounts. Motion by Oliver. Second by Herkes. Roll Call Vote: Roth - yes, Morrical – yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger - yes, Herkes - yes, Oliver – yes. Motion carried.


Trustee Julie Wilson Vacancy

The library did not receive any additional applications. Pat Graceffa is the only applicant for the vacant trustee position.

Motion: To appoint Pat Graceffa, the only applicant, to fill the open Julie Wilson trustee position. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Oliver.

RECESS at 7:29pm. Call to order at 7:38pm.

Roll Call Vote: Roth - no, Bergman – no, Durrenberger - yes, Herkes - yes, Oliver – yes. Morrical – no, Motion does not carry.


Motion: To take no additional applications for trustee. Motion by Oliver. Second by Durrenberger. Roll Call Vote: Roth - no, Bergman – no, Durrenberger - yes, Herkes - yes, Oliver – yes, Morrical - no. Motion does not carry.


Motion: To put off filling the open trustee position until after the 2013 Election. Motion by Oliver. Second by Herkes. Roll call vote: Roth – yes, Bergman – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Herkes – yes, Oliver – yes, Morrical – no. Motion carries.



Staff Recognition

See above.


Bond Refunding

A representative from Baird approached the library and presented an opportunity to refund the Building Bonds. Herkes and Dolin spoke with the auditor and several others in the field to verify that the library could realize a substantial savings over the life of the debt by refunding the bonds before they are callable in January 2015. There are risks involved and there is no certainty of any savings. There are fees for financial advising and issuing the bonds and the carrying cost for the debt could be substantial depending on what happens with interest rates. The risk associated with negative arbitrage declines as the callable date nears. The advantage of refunding the bonds declines if interest rates go up. The library’s bonds are attractive and many other firms provide comparable services for varying fees. Interest rates are very low now and could go up and the potential for savings would decrease. The Board would like to see additional proposals before making any decisions. Dolin will continue to investigate.


Website improvements

Dolin is meeting with Ken Wiesner about his work with Wordpress to revamp the library’s website. Another firm gave a rough estimate of $4500 to $5000 to build a library website. Herkes requested that any agreement to develop the website be in writing.


Trustee Candidate

Durrenberger outlined the Board Trustee terms and candidates for the 2013 election:

            Six-year terms: (vote for two)

                        Edward A. DeBartolo

                        Robert S. Bergman

                        (Pat Graceffa – write-in)

            Four-year term: (vote for one)

                        Anthony R. Oliver

            Two-year term: (vote for one)

                        Louise M. Coffman


Staff / Trustee Training

The budget for staff training is $6,000. Dolin would like to have trustees and staff attend training together if possible. The Reaching Forward and the ALA Annual Conferences are two opportunities that are coming up in the next few months. Oliver asked if trustees could attend ILA Trustee training and other conferences and have it covered by the Library. The budget does not allow for out of state conferences for staff or trustees, but it may be possible to defray the costs of local training sessions. As programs become available, Dolin will put them in the Board Packets.


Executive Session



Agenda Items for February 28, 2013 Board Meeting

Items for the February 28 meeting. Circulation Policy, Bank Accounts update. Submit to Bill Durrenberger or Carol Dolin at least a week before the meeting.



Motion: To adjourn the Board Meeting at 8:23 p.m. Motion by Durrenberger. Second by Herkes. Voice Vote: all in favor. Motion carried.


Download this file (Minutes_1-24-13_FINAL.pdf)January 24, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes[ ]Director308 Kb

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