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November 8, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes Print
Library Board

Sugar Grove Public Library Board of Trustees

Minutes of November 8, 2012 Board Meeting


President Joan Roth called the hearing to order at 6:04 p.m.



Present: Julie Wilson, Trustee; Joan Roth, President; Bill Durrenberger, Secretary; Dan Herkes, Treasurer; Art Morrical, Vice President; and Carol Dolin, Library Director.


Absent: Anthony Oliver and Bob Bergman.



None. Trustee Wilson read a statement of resignation from the Board due to personal reasons which prevent her from fulfillment of her duties as Trustee of the Library Board. She thanked the residents, board, and staff of the Library District for allowing her to serve on the library board and wished all the best for the library going forward. The resignation was effective immediately and Wilson departed.



Motion: To approve the minutes of the September 27, 2012 Executive Session. Motion by Bill Durrenberger. 2nd by Art Morrical. Roll Call Vote: Roth - yes, Durrenberger - yes, Herkes - yes, Morrical – yes. Motion carried.


Motion: To approve the minutes of the October 25, 2012 Public Hearing. Motion by Dan Herkes. 2nd by Art Morrical. Roll Call Vote: Roth - abstain, Durrenberger - yes, Herkes - abstain , Morrical – yes. Motion failed due to lack of majority of a quorum. Tabled until November 8, 2012 meeting.


Motion: To approve the minutes of the October 25, 2012 Regular Board Meeting. This motion also fails due to the lack of majority of a quorum. Tabled until November 8, 2012 meeting. 



Dolin received an e-mail message from Jerry Elliott regarding the District’s authority to expend funds in July, August, and September, 2012 before the B&A Ordinance was adopted. Dolin responded with information from the library attorney, which referenced 75 ILCS 16/30-85(a), which authorized expenditures until the 4th Thursday of September, which was after the B&A Ordinance had been approved. Elliott thanked Dolin for this information and instructed her to advise the Board to submit the new rate made in the Levy request to direct referendum. The Board reiterated that the Levy request does not require a referendum and is a regular part of the budgeting process. The Board believes this has been explained sufficiently to Mr. Elliott. No further action is to be taken regarding this correspondence.


Randy Fletcher from stopped in to inquire about the possibility of using the space in the café for a store front to sell used books. He said he and his partner have a storefront in Montgomery and are looking for an additional space in Sugar Grove. He said they have a warehouse and would manage any donations that would come in, possibly partner with Waubonsee to sell books required by the students, and pay the library rent if his partner thought the space would work out. Dolin said she would bring it to the Board for consideration. The Board said it is worth pursuing. Dolin will contact Fletcher to investigate further.


Joe Kryszak from the Elburn Lions Club asked if the Library would be interested in participating in a literacy project to help needy families in the area. Children would be identified through the social workers at the schools and the library’s involvement would suggest materials for purchase based on ages and interests of the children. No money would be required. Dolin will discuss this with the staff and provide assistance as possible.



Dolin prepared the Financial reports this month because the meeting was so early, there was not adequate time to have them prepared by the accountant.  Nearly all of the Property Tax revenue has been received. A small disbursement was received in October and one additional small disbursement is anticipated in November or December. The per capita grant of $16,163 was received. No replacement tax, Room rental, Café license or donations were received. Fines and fees of $970 were received in October. All expenditures are running on budget except Programming, which is overspent because some summer reading materials were ordered as they became available so they do not get sold out. Insurance other than Health/Life is paid in full for the year. Materials are somewhat under spent, but this will catch up as the new standing orders for children’s series, large print, music CDs, and movies get up and running.


Durrenberger asked about the Prairie Glen Subdivision payment. This is a homeowners association which maintains the grounds on a number of lots. Dolin sent the check but it was returned undeliverable. Durrenberger will call Jamie White, the attorney for the group, to see where the check should be sent.



ServiceMaster has been with the library for a few months now and they sent an inspector out to perform a white glove check. Ryan walked around with him and reported that the inspector found dust and recorded several areas that need improvement. It looks pretty good, but the inspection was very encouraging. We have been happy so far. The windows were also cleaned, so the building is looking very spiffy.

Motion: To approve the October 2012 check register. Motion by Durrenberger. 2nd by Morrical. Roll Call Vote: Roth - yes, Durrenberger - yes, Herkes - yes, Morrical – yes. Motion carried.



Dolin reported on the library statistics for October. Circulation is up about 25% for the year and we are on pace to hit 100,000 circs for the year, which the staff reports has never happened. If we achieve this goal, then we would like to celebrate with an event of some sort. 448 children attended programs last month. October was on par with a summer reading program month. Reference questions seem to be down. We are not sure why and are looking into it.

We hope to post two part time positions for the circulation department and Alison will move to the children’s department and Judy will move to the adult department. This is in anticipation of trying to expand hours in January.


The cooling system is up and running in the server room. The new server and software are on their way, but in the meantime, server04 had a failure. We hope they hold out until we are ready to retire them! The five year 24-hour, 7-day, 4-hour response time pushed the total for the server.


We have 120 responses to the “Hours Survey”. Option 2 is running ahead of the pack. It is posted on the website, Facebook, Twitter, the Elburn Herald, the Krier, in Pat Graceffa’s newsletter, and in our electronic newsletter. We have gotten several paper surveys back. They are attached to the fall newsletter and we hope to get at least 200 back.


About 1500 early voters came through the library. We served popcorn one day, which was very well received by the public. The traffic through the library was terrific. The self check units are being well used. About 1300 items were checked out on them. One of the barriers seems to be people who wish to check out materials for longer than the regular check out period. We would like to look at the Circulation Rules to ensure that the same level of service is offered at the self-check as in person. We want to be available to offer reference and other assistance rather than chiefly transactional help.


Sarah Barbel provided a monthly report about the Children’s Department, which features some of the professional development programs she attended, collection development, programming, and other projects she is working on. The Reptile Program by Dave Dinaso was a big hit with over 120 people attending during the early voting. The library was packed with people! The Elburn Herald featured photos of the kids with the reptiles. The Tot Area is attracting lots of attention and positive comments by the community. It is inviting and features the activity wall, which was largely hidden by the shelving that was in that area before. Further plans are in the works for additional shifting around of the furniture. Sara’s Wish Lists for the donations include several areas of the collection that could use attention, some furnishings for the tot and grade school areas, and the Ellison die cut. Sarah will travel to Town and Country Library to use their die cut machine for the winter programs. The Board agrees this would be a good investment.


The payroll system is up and running and saves a lot of time for Dolin and Herkes.



See below.



Redesign of the Server Room

The air conditioning unit is installed and running. The server and software have been ordered. Server 01 will be migrated first to free up the new hard drives, which will end up in Server 04. Migration will go in order, Server 01, 02, then 04, which will become the “hot spare.” Roth asked what the next steps will be now that the Server issues have been addressed. Morrical is the Technology Representative. He will discuss with Herkes and Oliver and make recommendations to the full board. No Technology Committee will be formed at this time.


Book Nook Café Contract

Perry Clark contacted Dolin to ask if he, his wife, and his daughter could meet with Dolin and the Board. Dolin offered potential meeting dates, but has not heard from him since. Dolin will contact him again to get a status update. 


Hours of Operation Survey

See Library Report.


Wish List for Donors

Sarah Barbel requested $1500 for several areas of the children’s non-fiction, music, and themed kits collections. Sarah also requested some feature display units for new materials and soft seating to create inviting reading spaces. Christina Keasler requested $1500 for a teen gaming collection to draw the teens into the library. Merrill Poloian requested $1500 for targeted areas of the Adult non-fiction collection. Wish lists are available for potential donors at the public service desks.


Audit Update

Several recommendations were made by the auditors and are in progress. The audit is essentially done and MD&A discussion with Roth, Herkes, Dolin, and Angie Daniels from Weber and Associates will take place next week. An inventory of the collections and equipment are on the list of auditor’s recommendations. Morrical asked if a wish list could be created by the Board for activities that could be performed by volunteers. Dolin pointed out that volunteers sometimes have the best of intentions, but for more critical activities the library needs to find a way to budget for it. Wish items could be on a volunteer list, but if it is critical or highly desired by the Board, it may need to be put on a list of items that must be carved out of the budget.



2013 Library Trustee Vacancies and Terms

There will be four vacancies, with 2 six-year terms, 1 four-year term, and 1 two-year term that will be open as of April. There is also a vacancy now for a term that will end in April. Durrenberger suggested that an item be added to the December 13, 2012 Agenda calling for letters of application for Wilson’s position and appointment of a trustee to fill this vacancy at that meeting. The person would serve in this position and perhaps also run for an open position. Letters of application could be accepted until December 6, 2012.

Motion: To accept letters of application for Trustee Julie Wilson’s position on the Board until December 6, 2012 for consideration at the December 13, 2012 Board Meeting and for appointment of a new trustee at that meeting. Motion by Morrical. 2nd by Durrenberger. Voice vote. Motion carried.


Policy Review

Circulation policy to align more closely with the practice. Collection Development would help the staff with their new responsibilities. Roth requested that we look at the Personnel Policy. The policy manual will be updated with each policy on a separate page so it is easier to see when they’ve been reviewed and revised. We will try to have the next batch done for the next meeting. The gift policy was reviewed and no changes are recommended at this time.


Holiday in the Grove

Plans continue for the Holiday in the Grove, which will be held on Saturday, December 1. The library will be open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and will have programming and events for all ages throughout the day. It will be an all hands on deck day for the library staff. Herkes will host a table at the school. Morrical will be out of town. Durrenberger will not be available. Roth will be working at the school.


Book Store Proposal

See Correspondence.


Agenda Items for November 8, 2012 Board Meeting

Trustee Vacancy, Policy Review, Book Store Proposal.



Executive Session

Motion: To enter into executive session under Section 2.C.1 of the Open Meetings Act at 7:12 p.m. for the purposes of discussing the discipline, performance, evaluation or compensation of a specific employee. Motion by Durrenberger. 2nd by Roth. Roll call vote: Roth - yes, Durrenberger - yes, Herkes - yes, Morrical – yes. Motion carried.

Motion: To return to Open Session at 7:53 p.m. Motion by Durrenberger. 2nd by Herkes. Roll Call Vote: Roth - yes, Durrenberger - yes, Herkes - yes, Morrical – yes. Motion carried.


Director Review


Continuation of Regular Session after returning from Executive Session.

Motion: To provide the Library Director with a $500 per year increase effective immediately. Motion by Morrical. 2nd by Durrenberger. Roll Call Vote: Roth - yes, Durrenberger - yes, Herkes - yes, Morrical – yes. Motion carried. 




Motion: To adjourn the Board Meeting at 7:54 p.m. Motion by Herkes. 2nd by Morrical Roll Call Vote. Roth - yes, Durrenberger - yes, Herkes - yes, Morrical – yes. Motion carried.



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