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October 25, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes Print
Library Board

Sugar Grove Public Library Board of Trustees

Minutes of October 25, 2012 Board Meeting


President pro tem Art Morrical called the hearing to order at 6:20 p.m.



Present: Art Morrical, President Pro Tem; Anthony Oliver, Trustee; Bill Durrenberger, Secretary; Julie Wilson, Trustee; and Carol Dolin, Library Director.


Absent: Joan Roth, Dan Herkes, and Bob Bergman.



None.  President pro tem Art Morrical closed public comment.



 Motion: To approve the minutes of the September 27, 2012 Regular Meeting. Motion by Anthony Oliver. 2nd by Bill Durrenberger. Roll Call Vote: Morrical – yes, Oliver – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Wilson – yes. Motion carried.



The Library received letters of thanks for hosting events from State Representative Kay Hatcher and Police Chief Ronald A. Moser. Both complimented the library on the lovely accommodations. Library Attorney Roger Ritzman sent a memo with a Chicago Tribune article about the December 24 deadline for Library Trustee Candidate Petition Filing. Barring an amendment to the Election Code, Dolin will be at the library until 5:00 p.m. on December 24 to accept petitions.



Financial reports were provided by the accountant again this month. The September reports still have some inconsistencies in them because the final adjustments from the auditor were not made until October. Several budget lines are running ahead of or behind budget, which is due in part to expenditures that were recorded in the wrong categories. Dolin is working closely with the accountant to ensure corrections are made in the October financial reports. The format of the reports can also be adjusted if the Board wishes. Oliver said the percent spent column from the in-house generated reports is helpful and should be restored if possible. Dolin agrees and will check with the accountant to see if they can make that change.



Durrenberger asked if the the payment to American Tree and Turf is the last for the year. Dolin said there was at least one additional payment to finish out the current contract. The payment for the hard drive replacement will be refunded if the board approves the installation of a new server. The first payment was made to Greiter’s for the A/C unit for the server room. A property tax disbursement was received from Kane County. Most of the expected property tax revenue has been received.

Motion: To approve the September 2012 check register. Motion by Julie Wilson. 2nd by Anthony Oliver. Roll Call Vote: Morrical – yes, Oliver – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Wilson – yes. Motion carried.



Dolin reported on the library statistics for September. The library added 53 new cardholders and checked out just over 7200 items. Database use, particularly of electronic books and audio books, language learning, and obituaries continues to grow. Freegal music downloads and the Shoutbomb text services went live in October. New materials are flowing in and being used heavily. Patrons comment favorably about these new items. The self check machines are now front and center and are being used much more, which frees staff to help patrons in the stacks, answering questions, and assisting with computers. They also have more time to order and prepare new materials, plan programs, etc. The Survey Monkey “Hours Survey” link is live and posted on the website, Facebook, and Twitter, and is also available in paper format. Two additional quotes are in for the electrical work for the A/C unit for the server room. This will be discussed later in the meeting. Art, Dan, Wayne, and Carol met to narrow the options for the server replacement. A report on that meeting follows. Outreach efforts include a Cub Scout tour of the library, staff visits to other libraries, meetings with teen volunteers, and with homeschoolers. Nearly all of the staff participated in training of various types during September and early October.


Plans continue for the Holiday in the Grove, which will be held on Saturday, December 1. The library will be open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and will have programming and events for all ages throughout the day. It will be an all hands on deck day for the library staff. Julie Wilson requested assistance from Board Members to represent the library in other locations during Holiday in the Grove.



See below.



Redesign of the Server Room

1.      Server Options

Art Morrical offered some background on the state of the library’s IT infrastructure. All of the library technology is aging and a technology plan is needed to address this problem. More immediately, the library’s main servers are failing and need to be replaced. Morrical, Dolin, Trustee Dan Herkes, and IT/Computer Lab Manager Wayne Lindquist met to explore options for the server replacement and determined the most cost effective approach would be to replace the three failing servers with a single unit that can manage three virtual servers. Lindquist outlined three options to do this, named 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3, which include the cost for the hardware, software, and a 5-year warranty. These options are expansions of Option 2 from the September 27, 2012 Board Meeting presentation. Lindquist is able to perform the work necessary for the replacement. Trustee Oliver asked if a single unit with three virtual servers is the best option to replace the three failing servers. The group discussed this and decided the advantages to purchasing one unit with three virtual servers include cost effectiveness given the budget constraints, heat reduction, fewer moving parts to fail, and simplification of the system. The board acknowledged the risk of relying on a single unit, which if it fails, could leave the library offline until it can be repaired. That can be addressed in part by purchasing a 4-hour response, 7-day per week service contract to minimize the potential down time. The existing Server 04 can be used as a cold spare to keep vital functions running should the main server go down. The ideal solution would be to purchase and install a second identical unit running a mirror image to take over should the first unit go down, but the cost to do so is prohibitive at this point. Steps have been taken to improve the environment in the server room, so the new equipment should have a longer life than the current equipment. Durrenberger asked for and received clarification that the group had been in agreement that this is the best approach and that the cost for the project is just under $9,000. He asked if this option would eliminate the ongoing server repair costs. Lindquist said no guarantee can be made that other equipment won’t fail, but the servers appear to be at the end of their life and replacing them would dramatically improve the library’s IT infrastructure. Morrical summarized the group’s position that the cost is less than was anticipated a month ago and states the group’s agreement that this is a good move. Durrenberger asked if Herkes had agreed with this assessment. Morrical said he had.

Motion: To accept Option 2.3 for the IBM server at a cost of $8673 with a possible shipping cost of up to $200 to be paid out of the Special Reserve Fund. Motion by Bill Durrenberger. 2nd by Julie Wilson. Roll Call Vote: Morrical – yes, Oliver – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Wilson – yes. Motion carried.


2.     Electrical Work for A/C

Three quotes were offered for the electrical work, Gatza Electric of Plano at a cost of $2,200, Platt Electric of Aurora at $2,250, and Gerald Long of Elburn at $1,720. Long is the lowest bid, provided three references for commercial work, and is certified to work on commercial projects in Sugar Grove.

Motion: To accept the lowest bid of $1,720 from Gerald Long Electric for electrical work related to the split ductless cooling only system for the server room. Motion by Anthony Oliver, 2nd by Julie Wilson. Roll Call Vote: Morrical – yes, Oliver – yes, Durrenberger – abstain, Wilson – yes. Motion carried with a majority of a quorum.


Book Nook Café Contract

Perry Clark visited the library and spoke to Merrill Poloian while both Dolin and Roth were out of town. He told Poloian he plans to open the café sometime in November. A signature is required on the final Book Nook contract. Art Morrical signed the contract in Joan Roth’s absence.

Motion: To accept the final contract with no additional changes with Perry Clark for the Book Nook Café.  Motion by Anthony Oliver. 2nd by Bill Durrenberger. Roll Call Vote: Morrical – yes, Oliver – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Wilson – yes. Motion carried.




Safe Deposit Box

Dolin went to the bank to return the key and close the safe deposit box, but was told one of the people listed on the box must be present to do this. Durrenberger will return the key and close the box.


Snow Removal Contract Update

Dolin checked references and met with Jeff Dady from A-1 Landscaping to finalize the details of the Snow Removal and Landscaping contracts. The contracts are for one year, renewable for the second and third years at the same rate. A-1 will provide annuals for potential volunteer projects at the contractor’s price and may be able to get additional plants at no cost. They will also monitor the supply and deliver salt as needed for the sidewalks at the contractor’s prices if the library requests it.



Levy Ordinance

Motion: To approve Ordinance 2012-10-01 - Levy Ordinance for the 2012-2013 Fiscal Year.  Motion by Anthony Oliver. 2nd by Bill Durrenberger. Roll Call Vote: Morrical – yes, Oliver – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Wilson – yes. Motion carried.


Calendar of 2013 Board Meetings

The Calendar in the Board packet included dates for 2012. Julie Wilson provided corrected 2013 dates for the fourth Thursday of each month except for November and December, which will be on the second Thursday.

Motion: To approve the Calendar of 2013 Board Meetings with the amended dates.  Motion by Julie Wilson. 2nd by Anthony Oliver. Roll Call Vote: Morrical – yes, Oliver – yes, Durrenberger – yes, Wilson – yes. Motion carried.


Technology Planning

The Board expressed interest in establishing a Technology committee or focus group with Board, Staff, and members of the public to discuss the Technology Plan. Per the Bylaws, Board President Joan Roth establishes committees. Morrical requested that Dolin distribute the Technology plan to all trustees and the decision about whether a formal committee is needed can be decided at the November 8 meeting.


Hours of Operation Survey

The library is exploring the possibility of extending library hours and will invite input from the community as it determines the best schedule to meet community needs. The language of the survey is included in the packet. The survey is available in hard copy and online via a link to Survey Monkey. This survey will run through December 1 to allow time to get the news out about new hours beginning in January


The previous public opinion survey was more comprehensive and requested information about more general library services. The current survey will be added to data from that survey when the decisions are made regarding the schedule and potential changes in library services.


Wish List for Donor Gifts

A couple of proposals have been prepared by the staff for items that could be purchased with donated funds. Dolin has set November 1 as the deadline for staff to get wish list items in for consideration. A full list will be ready for the November 8 meeting. Julie Wilson asked that the staff prepare a display similar to the one that was done last year so donors can sponsor books to add to the library’s collections. Dolin will discuss this with the staff and report back at the November 8 meeting.



The audit is completed and the MD&A discussion will happen when Roth returns from vacation. Dolin anticipates the final report to be delivered sometime in November.


Executive Session



Agenda Items for November 8, 2012 Board Meeting

 Minutes of the Executive Session from September 27, 2012, Technology Committee, and Board Vacancies for the Spring Elections.



Motion: To adjourn the Board Meeting at 7:38 p.m. Motion by Anthony Oliver. 2nd by Bill Durrenberger. Voice Vote. Motion carried.

Download this file (October 25, 2012 Minutes of Public Hearing Levy OrdinanceFINAL.doc)October 25, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes[ ]Director34 Kb
Download this file (October 25, 2012 Minutes.pdf)October 25, 2012 Minutes.pdf[ ]Wayne52 Kb

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