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August 23, 2012 Board Meeting Agenda Print
Library Board

Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
Sugar Grove Public Library District
Thursday, August 23, 2012 - 6:00 p.m.
125 S. Municipal Drive, Sugar Grove, IL

1. Call to order/Roll call and introduction of Trustees

2. Public Comment – copies of written comments may be given to the Board’s Secretary for inclusion in the library’s public records.

3. Approval of the Minutes of July 26, 2012 Regular Session.

4. Correspondence

5. Review of Financial Reports

6. Approval of the July Check Register – Action

7. Library Report

8. Board Representative Reports


a. Bylaws – Action

b. Redesign of the Server Room – Action

c. Book Nook Café Contract - Action

d. Safe Deposit Box - Action


a. Annual Report – Action

b. Purchasing Policy – Action

c. Adopt Tentative Budget and Appropriations Ordinance – Action

d. Review of Chapter 9, “Programming” of the Illinois library standards, as required for eligibility for the FY 2013 Per Capita Grant

e. Review of Supplemental Tax Funding, as required for the FY 2013 Per Capita Grant

f. 3M Contract – Action

g. Secretary’s Audit

h. TITA hearing on October 25, 2012

i. Executive session, if applicable

j. Agenda Items for September 27, 2012, Board of Trustees meeting

11. Adjournment


Download this file (August 23, 2012 Board Meeting Agenda.pdf)August 23, 2012 Board Meeting Agenda[ ]Director232 Kb

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