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Minutes of Board's 12-1-11 Committee of the Whole Meeting Print
Library Board





President Joan Roth called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m. in one of the large meeting rooms at the library.


Introduction of Trustees and Others Present: Trustees: Art Morrical, Vice President; Joan Roth, President; Dan Herkes, Treasurer; Bill Durrenberger, Secretary; Robert Bergman; and Anthony Oliver. Interim Library Director: Marilyn Boria. Search Firm: Alice Calabrese Berry.


Public Comments:

Pat Graceffa – Read a statement – see attached. Commented on recent financial decisions and asked the board to state its plan for dealing with the budget deficit.

Ron Leisher – Repeated his prior comments that the board was micro-managing the former director and stated his opinion that that approach was unsuccessful. Urged the board to write down its qualifications for a new director.

Louise Coffman – Read a statement – see attached. Criticized the board’s recent actions and compared the board to a circus.

David Verdeyen – Commented on changes in libraries in recent years. Commented on the firing of the former director and the library’s current financial difficulties.

Greg Koster – Commented on changes in libraries in recent years. Reviewed the resources available to the library at present. Stated that the board needed to keep in mind groups of citizens who do not attend board meetings. Stated his view that the board should make the library as attractive as possible to children and hire a new director who is willing to do that. Suggested that, in light of the library’s current financial difficulties, the board should consider hiring a younger, less experienced director who would presumably require a lower salary.

Shari Baum – Stated that the board should consider the wishes of the community, and not just its own wishes, in hiring the new director.


President Joan Roth closed public comment.


Alice Calabrese Berry, the search firm person retained by the board at its November 10, 2011, meeting, introduced herself to the board and public and gave a brief overview of her background and experience. She presented the board with a paper outlining the search process (see attached) and explained that process in some detail. Several board members had questions and comments concerning the search process. Members of the public were then invited to express their opinions on this issue and several of them did so.


Alice explained that there should be a public forum for the public to become involved in the process of deciding upon the qualifications desired in the new director. There was some discussion of how this forum would be publicized in order to ensure maximum community involvement in the process.


Alice then asked each board member to write down the five most important qualifications that each board member felt he or she desired in the new library director, and there was some discussion among the board members and Alice concerning those qualifications. Several members of the public expressed there opinions concerning desirable qualifications for the new director. After that discussion was concluded, Alice said that she would prepare a paper for the board summarizing this discussion and the board members’ expressed desires for the qualifications of the new director.


Alice then informed the board that it would have to decide whether the entire board – or a committee of less than the entire board – should handle the initial interviewing of potential new directors. Alice raised the possibility of hiring a part-time director, perhaps along with a business manager, and suggested that the board consider that option.



Motion: To adjourn. Motion by Dan Herkes.  Voice Vote: All - Yes. Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:12 p.m. These minutes are submitted by Bill Durrenberger, board secretary.


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